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Recap: The Truth wills the Celtics to victory


In a near vintage performance, Paul Pierce scored 14 of his game-high 34 points in the 4th quarter to lead the Celtics to a 100-94 win over the Wizards.

With the Celtics reeling after blowing a 15-point 3rd quarter lead, Pierce took over the game. He scored 10 straight points during the fourth quarter.

Pierce also chipped in 10 assists, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. I said “near vintage” because Pierce still appears to be a step slow. But I’m not trying to knock him. It was a classic “give the game what it needs” performance. He definitely improved his trade value. I’m kidding!

Ray Allen left the game in the 2nd quarter with a jammed ankle. He went down while coming off a screen. It was an awkward fall. The ankle didn’t appear to roll. We can only hope Ray doesn’t miss significant time.

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  • Great performance by Paul. KG looked much better offensively-he got into a nice rhythm with his jumper. Bass and Pietrus were phenomenal in my opinion; a combined 11 of 21 and Pietrus hit a couple of big 3’s. The one thing that was real tough to watch was Bradley’s offense. Ugh. 1 for 8 and 6 turnovers.

  • BradinFL

    I guess tonight would be best night of season to field offers for Paul.

  • Holy shit, they scored 100 points. I can’t remember the last time they did that.

  • I also like that photo where Pierce is pushing off Mason…OUTTA MY WAY, TRUTH TRAIN COMIN’ THROUGH…CHOO CHOO!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve been overly patient with Bradley and I’m sure Doc feels the same way, but holy crap he’s a way’s off from being TA. Wall is a tough kid though, he looks better every time I see him play.
    Oh yeah, it turn’s out KG can still dunk! He was a stud down the stretch.

  • Amen man. I like Bradley-he really busts his butt and plays great defense, but his get the point lol. Great to see 2 of the Big 3 look better.

  • James Eisenman

    Avery Bradley is literally an awful offensive player. He’s downright offensive. He can’t hit an open shot if his life depended on it and doesn’t have any clue how to improvise on a drive over a defender. And he shoots free throws like Rondo. And Moore doesn’t look much better. They’re embarassing to watch. Finally a little offensive life from Paul, KG and Ray until that klutz tripped him for the second time. Bass and Pietrus looked good but Marquis was semi-comatose again. The problem is, this is a VERY bad team. Let’s see if they can carry this energy over to tomorrow.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Bad news : Only 1 more game this year against Washington.

  • jesse

    who says no in this trade? I heard a rumor the lakers are looking for P2

  • Travis

    Did anyone else re-watch the Ray injury? It wasn’t a knee hit, he twisted his ankle pretty bad. Hope it’s nothing serious or we’re really in trouble.

  • Travis

    I bet he doesn’t play tomorrow.


    Here’s my program for the rest of the season. If the following players can contribute these ppg night and night out, the C’s will make the playoffs: KG – 17, PP- 20, RA- 20, RR -18, BB- 15, MP- 15, JO- 10, AB – 8. That’s a total of 122ppg. Sounds a bit high? Every player I mentioned is capable of those numbers. If they have guys missing, the stars need to pick up the missing players ppg between them and guys of the bench. Those numbers ain’t too much to ask and I believe it’s what this team should aim for. COME ON CELTICS, AGAINST ALL ODDS.

  • I say no to that trade. Darko???
    And why would the Wolves want Steve Blake, yet another point guard.

  • That’s one of the worst trades I’ve ever seen. We trade Paul Pierce for 4 crappy players, the Lakers trade half their team for Paul Pierce and Minnesota ends up with 4 Lakers, one of whom makes a huge salary and puts out little
    (World Peace). A completely awful trade for all teams concerned. Especially for us.