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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce understands all the trade chatter


As Pierce said, this isn’t his first rodeo. He’s seen teammates from Antoine Walker to Kendrick Perkins come and go. “I understand,” he said. “What the Celtics have done for me in my career, I’m more than happy. They’ve kept me this long, and I’ve been able to play in a lot of good situations. You’ve got to understand the business.

WEEI:  Pierce: Of course I want to retire a Celtic

I know Paul Pierce is coming off a loss in which he didn't shoot very well, but man he seems especially down in this video.  

And he can say what he wants about not paying attention to all of the talk, but it's unavoidable.  Because things like that interview with 10 reporters happen, and its hard for anyone to just hop in the car and tune it out.  Especially after a loss like that. 

You just stunk up the joint, the fans were booing, you've got reporters in your face asking about being traded… that stuff sticks with you.  

We can only hope the C's figure something out and turn this around.  Looking at their performance last night, I'm a little less hopeful that will happen.

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On Page 2: Some praise for Avery Bradley


Avery Bradley


Nash finished with 11 points and nine assists, but Ray Allen noted after the game that Nash's overall impact was diminished due to Bradley's efforts on the defensive end. 

"I thought [Bradley] was definitely a bright spot out there because he put a lot of pressure on Nash," Allen said. "You could tell he got his feet twisted a little bit, because Avery was right in front of him every time he turned. He just always kept him guessing. It wasn't [Nash] picking us apart, because Avery did a great job on him." 

"I just commend Avery for the way he came in and he put a lot of pressure on Nash and he got some steals, and he just made him work harder than he would have otherwise." 

ESPN Boston:  First start full of positive for Avery Bradley  

I am hard on Avery Bradley.  It's because he's looked absolutely awful for so much of this young season so far.  The mistakes he makes are big mistakes.  They're ugly mistakes.   They stand out in the sea of crap that has been the C's season so far. 

And he made big, glaring mistakes last night.  And I was hard on him for those too.  But he also did good things, and he deserves praise for the good things.  He was, once again, pretty good defensively.  Steve Nash was largely kept in check.  If Marcin Gortat wasn't channeling Wilt Chamberlain out there, Nash would have probably had half as many assists.  

Bradley's a second year player who's playing along side struggling, aging Hall of Famers with almost no time to practice.  It's going to be hard, I'll give him that.  Still, though, he needs to work on making some of those easy shots.  He has to start making those or else he's going to stay in limbo.

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  • Quest

    Maybe Doc needs to spend less time flying around to see Austin play and spend more time figuring out a solution for the C’s. Good thing Doc has that 5 yr contract but then again he has been fired once before. You can’t throw it all onto the players.


    Definately. Who’s coachin this team? Not a good look for Doc at all, is it? There is a range of things that the C’s can be doing to improve but Doc will probably follow the formula that has got his team nowhere. COME ON CELTICS, KEEP THE FAITH…

  • I’m sorry. How many times has Doc gone to see Austin play since the season started?

  • So on an off day, you are suggesting that Doc Rivers not spend a couple of hours watching his son play basketball? Do you not think he works on things the rest of the day? Do you not think he isn’t watching DVD’s made for him by the video staff on planes? Do you not think he’s not in the back of a car on the phone with coaches talking about what he sees?
    The amount of time he spends “working on a solution” doesn’t change just because he flew to watch Austin.

  • See my reply to Quest. Who’s coaching this team? Come on

  • dontbelievethehype

    For all those who think Avery Bradley looks terrible and will never amount to much, I would bring the up the name Johnson, Joe currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks. C’s had a quick trigger with him also and ended up on the wrong end of that deal. I would throw Chauncey Billups into that equation too, not every NBA player is great immediately.

  • Anyone else notice a direct link to the decline of the Celtics after letting Tom Thibodeau get away??

  • michael

    Agree we gave up on Chauncey too quickly. He probably had some personal maturing to do before evolving into the player he became.
    No on gave up on Joe Johsnon. They knew he was going to be good and likely expected him to become an all-star. It was a decision based on what they needed at the time, experienced bench players. They also knew they’d have to overpay to re-sign him down the road.

  • John D

    Avery is more than “pretty good.” Fact is, the kid is a WORLD-CLASS defender who can (and does) stop or slow down just about anybody on the court (who isn’t a foot taller, obviously). He is a better defender than Rondo, better than just about anyone. The fact that he’s 2nd year, and still working out his offense, should not deter us from stating the truth about his defense. World-class.