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Report: Celtics give Ainge the go ahead to trade anyone

With all the talk about the Celtics getting calls about guys like Paul Pierce, it seems Danny Ainge has gotten the go-ahead to take some of those calls.

Via the NY Daily News

But with Paul Pierce dealing with heel issues, Kevin Garnett fading, Ray Allen still effective shooting threes but headed for his 37th birthday and the Celtics 5-8 entering the weekend, the team’s owners gave GM Danny Ainge the official go-ahead to move any member of the troika.

“We’ve got to move on,” said one Celtics official. “Let’s face reality.”

I'm not sure if this means Danny will ACTUALLY start shopping the Big 3… or if he's just got the "you may fire when ready." 

But I'm starting to think the waiting period for a turnaround isn't as long as we thought it might be.  There's been some talk that Danny Ainge is looking at a 10 game window before fully assessing the team and the need to break off pieces or rebuild. 

Part of me thinks this might be an intentional leak so teams can start making legitimate offers so the Celtics can gauge their next move.  If they know what they might get, then they'll have a better idea of what course of action to take?

As bad as the Celtics have looked, there's still no rush to make a move.  The reality is that the Celtics were a few made jumpers away from winning last night… and even a winning record.  It would still be ugly, but the team would just be winning ugly rather than losing ugly.  

And it bears repeating that this team is being blown up next year regardless when Ray and KG's contracts expire.  If there's ANY chance at this team making a run, then they should just try to ride this early storm out and give it one last shot.  

Change the scenario from regular season to playoffs.  Give the C's time to practice, face one opponent, and not travel.  By then they will have gotten into as good a shape as they'll be in.  Maybe… and I admit ths is more hopeful than rational… they will be that dangerous team that catches fire.  

Maybe that's too hopeful for the owners and they don't want to go through that, and that's why we're here.  I still say it's too early to pull the trigger.  Danny might have the green light, but he doesn't have to go anywhere just yet.

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  • BradinFL

    Curious how it works..Because i honestly dont know..But if these guys wanted to stay, can they renegotiate thier contracts right now to like say, almost veteran minimum to stay? I dont mind them staying for 1-2 million bucks & come off the bench.

  • Nope. Union does not allow that.

  • KY Celts fan

    Well, let’s see where this takes us.

  • Joe

    When is Doc going to start giving some of KGs minutes to jajuan johnson? Shouldn’t we at least see what he’s got?

  • Jason Whetzell

    If I was an unbiased GM I would;
    Trade Pierce for one young talents and a pick. (IE the rumor of Paul George and the Pacers 1st round pick)
    I would keep Ray and KG and try to get them for cheap next season unless something big comes up for them.
    Then next season we have two hall of famers off the bench. 3 1st round picks in a deep draft, a nice young starting lineup of Green, Rondo, George. And the ability to add a max contract to the mix.
    Not bad right?

  • i have a feeling our team is just gunna end up being the atlanta hawks of the past few years…

  • Quest

    Trading is not going to get the c’s a win this season.

  • hey, lets not over react by pushing this team into oblivion. celtics close out the month with 2 games vs magic and cavs. doc could throw a wrench at teams with KG and PP coming off the bench.
    also keeping the big 3 intact could parlay into future discounts deals from KG/ray. we have lots of cap space and flexibility coming, they could be instrumental as 6th/7th players off the bench for 1-2 yrs.
    making idiotic moves now b/c of this shortened crazy year makes no sense. every team is experiencing serious issues, it’s a gamblers crap-shoot. fyi the mav’s are older than the c’s.. how’d last year turn-out for them?
    go pat’s!

  • Quest

    Watching NCAA Florida vs Duke w Austin Rivers. It was a hella lot more exciting and a better played game than C’s vs Suns. Don’t buy into Blind Faith w the C’s. They are lucky if they make the 7th seed.

  • zippittyay

    Can Ray and KG, if willing, just sign with us next season for a small amount of money and we can spend the rest under the salary cap?

  • There’s no reason to trade Pierce like that during this season.
    If a deal like that is to be made, it’d happen in the summer, probably on or around draft day if a pick is a major part of any deal.

  • Alex

    we are exactly like la and south beach. celtics pride, forget it, it’s all about winning [and money]. i think i gona throw up.

  • Jason Whetzell

    Paul Pierce will be more attractive to Indiana this year so they can go deeper into the playoffs this season. Also I expect Paul George to get even better as the year goes on and then the trade will be imbalanced. HAVE TO STRIKE WHEN THE IRON IS HOT!

  • Uh ok but why would Indiana do it now? They are big on Paul George as well.
    I think so long as Pierce is not back to his old self, even a team that was in better financial shape wouldn’t risk offering a nice young player for him.
    Pierce at least has to get back to his old self or nobody is going to offer anything other than stuff like expiring contracts and low draft picks.
    Right now, teams want to get Pierce for next to nothing, and think maybe they can because the Celtics would just want to avoid paying him for another ~1.7 seasons.
    I also don’t get it in that I don’t think the Pacers are so close that Pierce gets them over the hump to a title this year, even if he was in good form already, especially if they have to give up Paul George to get him.

  • Roy Mabe Jr.

    You have to rebuild through the draft, you can’t depend on other teams to help you through trades because they’re not going to trade their best players.

  • Putka

    Really good comparison I must say, though, I’ll be a tad pessemistic and say… I HOPE they’ll be the Hawks of the past few years. Remember, competition in the East is muuuuuch stiffer right now, and for the next few; esp as the Suns fade and Spurs age.

  • Laker8Nate24

    hahahahahahahaha at u idiot suckdiks fans, u guys r washed up trash and no1 wants ur old smelly garbage…celts r going back 2 the days where u chant mvp n boston 4 the mamba!!!! hhahahahahahahahahahaha celts r soooooo bad hahahahahahahah trade kg for ZAZA u scrubs hahahahahahahaha


    they better, they traded him on draft day for Brooks who’s lighting it up for NJ

  • ibleedgreenincali

    Spoken like a true Laker fan. Remind me what you got for Odasian trade to Dallas???? Nothing you jerk off.

  • Nick

    You sir, are a moron. And it’s not like the lakers have a bright future, soon Kobe will be gone and then what will you have? Bynum? Yeah, good luck with that, he is bound to have injury after injury. At least the C’s have a solid young player to build around in Rondo and enough cap room to make some solid moves. C’s have a brighter future than the lakers.