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Enemy Chatter: KG didn’t punch anyone in the testicles


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Phoenix.

Kevin Garnett? Oh yeah, that guy. He was sort of a non-factor in 33 minutes, scoring 10 points, pulling down 5 boards, and logging a -9 (worst of all Celtics). But hey, he didn’t punch anyone in the testicles, so we can call that progress, I guess. 

Bright side of the Sun

How I long for the days when the Celtics were winning games and criticized for their brash manner in doing so. Now they are dismissed as clowns.

For those with short memories, KG never punched Channing Frye in the scrot. KWAPT’s had rougher treatment in Chinatown. .

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  • Quest

    The Cs are in rebuilding mode now not next year. We have rookies becoming starters. We have bench vets who spend more time in the training room nursing injuries than on the court. Players who are available to play don’t know the sets or rotations. Then we have starters who have to play more minutes than their bodies can handle anymore but have no one they can rely on to carry the team forward to the win. If there is a solution by the time Doc finds it it will be too late. Then again if Danny decides to blow the team up before March 15 what will we get but a repeat of March 2010 where we got the same spin need time to build chemisty and learn sets. Same old same old “stuff”.

  • hey, lets not over-react by pushing this team further into oblivion. celtics close out the month with 2 games vs magic and cavs. doc could throw a wrench at teams and get more out of KG and PP if they came off the bench.
    also keeping the big 3 intact could parlay into future discounts deals from kg/ray. we have lots of cap space and flexibility coming, they could be instrumental as 6th/7th players off the bench for 1-2 yrs.
    making idiotic moves now b/c of this shortened crazy year makes no sense. every team is experiencing serious issues, it’s a gamblers crap-shoot. btw the mav’s are older than the c’s.. how’d last year turn-out for them?
    go pat’s!

  • Quest

    The Mav’s had a team where Starters and Bench had played together awhile and had some consistency and chemistry . C’s have a new bench and haven’t got it together yet and we are approaching the 1/2 way mark.