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Rondo a game-time decision

Somewhere, Avery Bradley lurks in the shadows with a tire iron looking to jump Rajon Rondo so he can get the start. 

However, knowing his accuracy, Bradley will aim for Rondo's wrist and hit Jermaine O'Neal in the throat.

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    I’m sorry man, but that is a poor attitude toward this team. With people like you blogging comments like that, no wonder why this team has been on a downward slide. Sure, you aren’t out there playing night in, and night out but you are not helping. No disrespect and I’m sure you are professional MOST of the time, however I feel you are missing positivity in the face of the greatest Celtic players of recent times. This team carries CHAMPIONSHIP DNA and instead of talkin down on the ability of the bench, you should say more to uplift the spirit of our guys. With a 5-8 season, we don’t need anymore negativity. What we need is BELIEF that these guys can overcome. AGAINST ALL ODDS.

  • The Celts need Rondo more than ever as he is the sole bright spot on that team.

  • Let him sit. This team can only win if folks like Bradley and Moore step up, so give them the chance to do it.

  • I’m pretty confident that my joking about Avery Bradley’s horribly inaccurate shooting actually has any effect on his shooting.
    Further, I’m a Celtics fan, but I’m not a Celtics cheerleader. I’m generally an optimistic guy, but I cannot deny the truth. The truth is Avery Bradley has been an offensive liability.
    If you refuse to see that, then that’s on you.
    The one thing I hope to be, no matter what, is genuine. I will give you my honest opinion on what I see. I HOPE Bradley gets better. But right now, this is who he is.

  • How do think this guy would made out at Jonestown????????? Reds is right AB it is like ricky vaughn with out glasses when he takes a J. Minute Bol, larry Hughes, and Kevin Mchale all have higher 3pt% then AB. dude is awful on O but if you want drink the kool-aid then maybe Hail Bop will come.