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Recap: MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!!

Eyewash station

My favorite thing about tonight is finding an eye wash station photo made by a company named Bradley.

The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns participated in an affront to basketball, subjecting fans to a 79-71 horror show that featured 40.5% shooting by your boys in White & Green.

Actually, Avery Bradley, for his mistakes on the evening (which, when he made them, were stomach churning) finished with an ok line of 10 points on 5-9 shooting, 3 steals and 4 rebounds.  But his 1 assist is where he hurt the C's.

Paul Pierce (5-14 fg) showed flashes early, carrying the C's offense to start the game.  But then the Suns remembered they were basically playing 3-on-5 and they dared Bradley and Jermaine O'Neal to shoot.  Kevin Garnett (5-13 fg) is not Kevin Garnett.  He once passed up a shot in his sweet spot to pass to E'Twaun Moore, who was covered in the lane.  Then later, he took a sweet behind the back pass from Pierce and instead of going up for the dunk, he tried a reverse layup that was summarily rejected by Marcin Gortat.

Oh, and about Gortat?  He was putting on an all-world performance… scoring the last 14 points of the first quarter for Phoenix and finishing with 24 and 12.

What else is there to say.  I thought Pierce was showing some life early but without Rondo, he couldn't keep it up.  This isn't just Rondo's team at the moment… Rondo is the team.  Without him, the Celtics are not a rudderless ship… they're the Titanic just before it splits in half.

This was ugly.  The team should have walked from the court to the exits and personally apologized for what the fans saw.

Box Score

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  • Rondo for MVP.

  • Avery Bradley = Mr. Burns

  • any argument about switching things-up with bringing paul and kg off the bench?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Avery Bradley is basically a rookie and is being asked to play the point, which isn’t his natural spot, he was actually effective in spurts, and his bricks dont look nearly as bad as Quisy’s- but Jesus H., we can’t even beat the Suns without Rondo?

  • It sucks to get old…


    Hey buddy, point taken about my last comments. I understand that you are a realist and a lot of what you say is said out of blind hope I suppose. It’s a safe bet to say that Avery Bradley ain’t gon turn into Rajon Rondo overnight. I guess I just have a tender heart when it comes to this team. They represent the last of my generation, THE 1990’S. These home losses are absolutely PATHETIC. They already saw the ultimate pain of seeing the Celtics lose to the Lakers. I look at KG and it just looks like his heart ain’t in it no more. I would say it’s a 100% chance that KG, PP and RA will have their no’s retired in Boston one day. Let us not forget that great moment when they brought championship gold home to Boston. However, as much as I want to be positive, this team is not performing and unfortunately, those who underperform should be traded. If I don’t perform at work, I lose my job. I think the formula with the Big 3 has run a bit dry. Pierce is not far off Bird as all time scorer, but is he going to be here to take no 1? He should be. He deserves it as he has seen the highs and lows of this team throughout the years. Business might get in the way. I don’t know what to say really, I thought this team had a good balance of youth and veterans but they just haven’t put it together. It’s a new era, if the C’s don’t go far this year, I am still happy. They won one. That’s more than you can say for Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Webber, Iverson, Miller, Ewing, Hill, Kemp and Wilkins. I still believe in this Boston team, the question is: Do they believe in themselves?

  • C’s do 3 things and they would’ve won this game:
    1)Hitting shots/capitalizing on Suns’ mishaps (Suns had 21 turnovers. 3 more than us)
    2)Someone (JO, Bass?) should’ve hard-fouled/put Gortat on his ASS early-on. He knew right away C’s bigs would show little resistance. Doc countered w/Stiemsma, but only for 3 mins. (wtf?!)
    3)Get Ray involved. Ray (or Doc’s play calling) took himself out of the game. Passed-up numerous shots.
    Man this sucks.

  • Even during Perk’s run here, face the basket centers with long range were a problem. Bogut always seemed to really light up the C’s.
    I missed that 1st quarter though. Did he really do that damage in the paint? If so…yikes…

  • 1. Doc continues his crap coaching job.
    2. KG…please retire so I don’t remember you like this.

  • Trading Kevin would hurt. But if Danny is looking to make a big change while still trying to contend this year, I’m pretty sure it’d have to be based on Kevin.
    Phoenix is actually the kind of team that Danny would be talking to. I wonder if they were even showcasing Gortat tonight?
    One basic deal there could be built on Gortat, Childress, and Frye for Kevin. Gortat is a FA in 2 seasons aka summer 2014, Childress and Frye in summer 2015. That clears most of Phoenix’s significant salary commitments beyond this season.
    A Nash-Gortat for Kevin based deal is also possible. Phoenix wouldn’t save a lot of money though. It’d have to be a thank you to Nash. An expanded version of this deal would probably see Phoenix adding Childress and asking for Avery Bradley I would guess, or maybe Jajuan Johnson. Oh and money too. That’s a bit better for them but it still just seems so unlikely to me that Phoenix moves Nash at all.
    I wouldn’t even throw any of this out there if I wasn’t sick of the sharks circling Paul Pierce again already. I think if there was any sort of real deal there that was possible, we’d have heard of it by now. So I think it’s kind of pointless really.
    I think instead, it’s deals based around Kevin like what I outlined above that we’ll be hearing about in the weeks to come. So you know, C’s and KG fans in particular, be ready for it.
    Ugh. I need to go watch the Russ interview again.

  • Good news: you can launch’s TV companion even after the game to see the shot charts.
    Bad news: Gortat’s first quarter was almost entirely in the paint, and of the ~4 shots that weren’t, they were maybe like one step out of the paint.
    So you know, semantics aside, he did the damage pretty close to the basket.


    No name is safe on this Boston team except for Rondo and the younger players, they should all be put on notice including DOC RIVERS. Sorry DOC but your formula is tired and you simply don’t rotate your guys enough. Why not play the bench more often? Got nothing to lose at this point. This is becoming a calamity of epic proportions. Game 7 in 2010, can it get much worse? Seeing the Big 3 miss the playoffs in 2012 wouldn’t come far off. Damn, if I was coach of this Boston team I think they would win more games. Hey Danny, maybe you can give me a job, for a fraction of the price…

  • if the rim was an inch lower celt’s would have blown every team out this year

  • leftchronicles

    as a die hard fan of the celtics we are not getting far this year. sad to say but paul pierce Fuking sucks. he cant convert a dam shot. Kg’s body is done and it hurts me to see him get abused by guys he would’ve ate alive a couple of years. the big three should retire celtics and we should grind this year out. completely remodeling next year

  • Lee in Oregon

    They made Gortat look like a frickin left-handed young Wilt Chamberlain out there.

  • Indeed he did.

  • I was completely unaware the Celtics were undefeated with Rondo in the line up and i must have imagined him getting lit up by Westbrook,a less than 100% Rose and Derrick Collison twice with the second time Rondo didnt even show up for the game. I guess I dreamt the turnovers or the bricks from the line or anywhere else he has thrown up this bad

  • Jerry Sondler

    Avery Bradley is a terrific athlete…but, he should have been a DB in the NFL.
    He picked the wrong sport.

  • Quest

    Send Avery Bradley to the D league. He is not NBA material and no matter how much Danny & Doc try to spin it AB never will be. Come to think of it Moore should join Bradley too he looked just as lost on the floor last night.
    Time to give fans ticket discounts for showing up and watching this mess.

  • Delonte West

  • michael

    KWAPT – completely agree about Stiemsma. He has a legit shot to develop and we need to see more of him on the court… not just to try to win games now, but to find out if he has a future here. I can’t remember having a backup center as qualified, so I’d like to hang onto him for a while.
    Leftchronicles – PP does not suck. He is our best all around player and our best trade asset. We can trade him to a contender, get nice pieces in return, and still have plenty o’ cap room this summer. PP is rooted in LA, but please correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t actually know the man. He is from there and I saw that TV episode where he helped remodel his old high school’s athletic facility, so I’m calling that “rooted” for lack of more personal knowledge. The Clippers desperately need him to win now and he could have a lot of fun with that team to close out his HOF career. All it takes is a 3rd team to get involved for us to capitalize.
    Anything at all we can get for KG is a bonus, even future 2nd round draft picks. He could help Atlanta, Indiana, or others I’m sure. Considering size of his contract, all I can fathom is a 3-way deal including some combo of expiring contracts, draft picks, and an overpriced mulityear contract of a useful player that fits well with Rondo. Danny Granger? Joe Johnson? eh.
    As a short term rental, Ray could probably get us a nice prospect or #1 pick in return. After this crap season is done, I would love to see him back in green. He is rooted in the community here with his son’s health issues and his foundation. Ray seriously has at least two more years of significant scoring contribution and exemplary work ethic leadership in him.
    Given the recent press about Danny’s feelings regarding the end of the previous big three era, it’s safe to say he’s about to blow it up. I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t.

  • Yeah but look at the deals he referred to.
    They were pretty awesome deals actually. If stuff like that is out there, it will happen. But I’d be pretty surprised if even ONE deal that good was out there now.
    The league is a higher stakes game now.