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Rajon Rondo’s “Big” commercial

The NBA's ad campaign this year is "Big"… as in "Big things are coming."  Rajon Rondo is featured in the latest ad.  Here it is 

Love it.  Awesomely done. 

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  • Definitely should have used The Dive. I put it together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MgTJXKjdeEk

  • Out of bounds–Miami ball.

  • Bob

    You’re right it may have been better with the play you used. But certainly not the music you used. I can’t believe the NBA picked a Primus song. Awesome.

  • You’d pick Primus over the Black Keys? That’s like picking Baby over Brandon Bass. You’re certainly in the minority.

  • I like your play better, certainly. And I very much like The Black Keys better, though I would have picked a different song by them.

  • michael

    Rondo is our future and he is awesome. Entertaining, tough, smart, and confident. Anyone who wants to trade him for less than Derrick Rose or Chris Paul is ignorantly dismissing the potential of Rondo as the next Celtic icon.
    We need to get assets for Pierce before we’re left with our heads up our donkeys. Trading him is not disrespectful if it helps keep the team competitive over the next 5 years and gains us young talented athletes who can keep up with Rondo. If we can somehow get that for KG instead and keep Pierce, then by all means show me how!

  • Bob

    Bill, I certainly agree that I don’t listen to what the masses are listening to. Primus broke new ground and are out of this world musicians, and Black Keys…. well the kids like ’em. Not very interesting music in my opinion, But hey it takes all types. And if lots of people like them, then certainly the NBA would be interested.
    And I’d only pick Big Baby because I’m pretty sure he’s on the cover of the Pork Soda album…