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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s injury isn’t serious

Rajon rondo hurt wrist against TorontoReuters

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Team officials said Rondo had X-rays taken on the wrist, and those results came back negative. Rondo is being listed as day-to-day by the Celtics.

After seeing Rondo take such a hard foul, head coach Doc Rivers didn't think he was hurt badly at first.  

"I was laughing right afterwards," Rivers said. "I wasn't (concerned) at first because I thought he was trying to get the flagrant (foul call)."

He did get that call, and missed the first of his two free throws. 

After the free throw attempts, Rondo left the game and did not return. 

"I wanted to come back," Rondo said. "I knew we had it under control. The best thing for me to do was rest."

CSNNE:  Good news for Rondo, C's: Injury isn't serious

We can all breathe. 

I don't even want to get into how bad the Celtics would be without Rondo.  Paul Pierce is nowhere near ready to take over the entire load, KG is a shell of his former self right now. and Ray Allen can't really score without an assist.  

Rondo is the entire team. If he misses significant time, then you can just forget it.  

But let's not get into that now.  It's just a sore wrist.  It's a day-to-day thing.  Rondo's fine.  He was even giving post game interviews in a slick black fedora.  Let's just move on

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On Page 2: There's no need to blow it up

Ainge doesn’t have to blow things up because he has positioned the team to be blown up regardless of whether there is a move to be made. Allen’s contract, as well as Kevin Garnett’s and Jermaine O’Neal’s all come off the books this summer. There will be a rebuilding project at some point. Everyone involved understands that reality and if the opportunity exists to jumpstart the process, Ainge will surely examine the possibilities. 

Trading Pierce would be a dramatic move, but it wouldn’t necessarily be for cap purposes. There is only one sure-thing free agent available this summer and that’s Dwight Howard, who has given exactly zero indications that he would consider Boston as a possible destination. Cap space allows you the freedom to make moves, but it doesn’t guarantee that you can sign anyone. 

WEEI:  Celtics don't have to blow it up

This is what I don't get about the "BLOW IT UP NOW" crowd.  The team has tons of cap space next year and is in perfect position to pursue whichever player (Dwight Howard) it wants.  

Why not try to make the run now and see where it gets us?  If the C's are horribly out of the running by mid-March, then maybe we look at stockpiling some draft picks, but as of right now, there is no harm in trying to ride this out for another month and a half to find out where the team is going. 

Patience.  I'm watching the same thing you are.  I know it's disgusting.  But we need to see if this is truly a "they need to play themselves into shape" situation or if it's simply "they're too old, and their abilities fell off a cliff."  

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  • With $37m coming off the books, and a team option on Bass, by default the roster is getting blown up anyway so Flannery’s point is spot on. That doesn’t mean the trade banter will even remotely die down because contracts signed during the post lockout flurry can’t be moved until March 1st. In the interim I very much doubt Danny is clicking through the NBA trade machine.
    First, there is little chance of getting equal value for Ray or KG because it’s likely to return a bad contract from a contenting team. But here’s the rub … if a contract comes from the Wizards or Kings, which is no longer than 2 years, it might make sense to own it if a lottery pick is attached this year. That scenario would give Danny 3 first round picks along with ample cap space to boot. That’s the kind of continuity he’ll need to rebuild the team on the fly.
    The other side of the equation is Pierce and why it’s very risky to move him. Leaving Rondo as the only building block going into the off season could hurt Danny’s chances in luring URFA or even making a pitch for restricted free agents. Unlike Ray and KG, PP has more components to his game to keep his team in playoff contention. He could easily slide back to the 2 spot (seeing more time at the 2 this year) which would leave Doc with a formidable starting back court. Certainly Pierce can return more assets, but the biggest asset is that he is Paul Pierce ‘HOF/Recruiter’ and that might mean something to a free agent embracing the Celtic legacy as it was with KG in 2007.

  • Good points.
    Big name FAs don’t like signing onto rebuilding situations. They need to know they can compete now, or in the very near future. If we were to trade the entire Big Three away, there’s no way a Dwight Howard would come here as he would be walking into a dead end. A guy like Pierce can be a stabilizing factor here.

  • Unlike KG and Ray, PP has a “multi-dimensional” skill set that would allow him to age “gracefully”. If I`m Ainge, I couldn`t trade PP unless Pierce actually begged me to.
    KG is already washed-up. Ray is a one-trick pony, and that trick could be lost overnight. No way would Wash/Sacto to give us a 1st round pick for them under any set of circumstances.
    As for Howard, this is where losing David West hurts. Ainge must make Howard see that he`ll be surrounded by tough, blue-collar rebounders, who will lighten his load in the paint. Howard has never had that luxury before. He`s always outrebounded any teammate by margins of 2-to-1, 3-to-1.
    After losing out on West, Ainge chose to “flood” the roster with former Orlando players {Pietrus-Bass-Dooling}, hoping to lure Howard that way until he can re-tool the roster in earnest for Howard.

  • There are quite a few ways to procure a lottery pick just as long as you take on a bad contract. For instance, Ray and JJ in for T. Thomas and a #1 saves Charlotte $27m and they're already developing Biyombo and Walker. The Kings are stuck with Salmons for 3 years at 22m and are developing a ton of young players. The Wizards may be fed up with Blatche who's owed $22m over the next three years. Unless they amnesty Lewis next year he's due $22m. If they take on KG and Wilcox they at least gain a PF/C for one yr. at 3m while KG retires after this season. You do the math and ask yourself at what point do perennial lottery teams stop stockpiling #1's?  Of course we would have to live with Lewis for a year, but if it yields a lottery pick so be it. I'm not crazy about these players, but I can live with them in lieu of a first round pick. This rebuilding is not going to take shape in one season anyway. At least you have 3 #1's, Pierce/RR and tons of cap space going into the off season.
    I see where you're going in relation to Howard, but he's pretty open about the teams he'd play for and Boston is not one of them. As far as KG being washed up, remember that Shaq said he was hurting during the post season. So it could be that he used the lockout as an extended rest period. We'll find out soon if his decline is more about conditioning than father time.