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Lakers interested in Paul Pierce?


Sam Amico covers the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA for Fox Sports. He touched on the Paul Pierce trade speculation during an afternoon live chat.

I don’t see any viable trade scenarios between these two teams. A Pau Gasol for Paul Pierce swap works in the trade machine, but I don’t see Danny pulling the trigger on a deal that nets him the Ostrich. The Lakers won’t move Andrew Bynum for Pierce. 

File under: Highly unlikely, unless a 3rd team enters the mix.

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  • It’s funny you guys don’t go all rage for news like this one..
    I mean, I’d comment it in a very emotional way given what Pierce means for the Celtics, and consequently for the Fakers.. and I’m a little bit shocked thinking only about the possibility.
    It sounds like you’re talking about a possible trade involvingA-very (bad player) Bradley..

  • Absolutely no way this goes down.

  • all set with laker trash, pass

  • Danno

    Stupid people making stupid trade scenarios. It’s amazing what passes for “Sports Journalism” these days.

  • I’m not opposed to trading Pierce to any team. That includes the Lakers.
    Not sure how old you are, but I remember clearly the demise of the original Big 3 and how it crippled the franchise.

  • Pierce for Gasol?
    If the idea is to get younger and taller…we would be picking up 3 years and 6 inches.
    Still, we`re talking about the Captain. No chance in hell this trade ever happens.
    Any chance they might interested in KG instead?

  • The demise of the Big Three is not what crippled the franchise, IMO. It was the tragic deaths of Bias and Lewis coupled with nearly 20 years of poor management from Carr, Pitino, and Wallace. The proposed players we would have received in exchange for Bird and/or McHale would not have kept us a contender.

  • Chuck Person and Detlef Schremp would have been a major upgrade over Kevin Gamble and a washed up Dominique Wilkins and Xavier McDaniels.
    I agree… there were a lot of contributing factors.

  • But would Person and Schremp have been an upgrade over Bird?

  • michael

    No one wants KG, and he really should retire after this season. I’d support getting as much as we can for Pierce right now, then re-sign Ray Allen inexpensively if possible. As I posted in previous comments, the best I can come up with for PP is a three-way with Clips and Utah for Paul Millsap:
    I doubt Utah would go for it. It helps them going forward in some ways (Williams/Bledsoe at PG, Favors at PF), but not sure they’re looking to deal Millsap anymore. We’d need to give up draft picks. They should be happy to part with Harris’ contract considering his poor performance so far. He’d be an overpriced but good floor leader for our 2nd unit and could play some SG alongside Rondo. Even if not in trade, I think C.J. Miles is a guy we should go after in the offseason.

  • I doubt LA would trade Pau under those circumstances and how could Pierce, Kobe and World Peace co-exist? No one outside of Bynum interests me and he will only be moved for Howard.

  • Lee in Oregon

    If the Lakers’s are crazy enough to trade Gasol for Pierce, I’d do it in 1 second, and I would hope DA would too.

  • From my perspective if Pierce were to be traded it would have to be for player of his caliber and Pau of course would be a match. Although he's 33 yrs old he brings a post up game and rebounding, components this team lacks. He is the total package. A Pau/RR combo would be attractive to a free agent too. But it would take more from Boston to make the salaries work. Perhaps a third team or JO's expiring contract. Just don't see why the Lakers would make that move and the other tenant at Staples won't have the pieces we need in return for Pierce.
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