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Your Morning Dump… Executives view the Celtics as ripe for the picking

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

It is indeed a vulture culture these days around Celtics Nation, with NBA executives viewing the C's as ripe for the picking off of its superstars.

Which brings us to Paul Pierce, whose name has been on the minds and lips of fellow GMs lately according to a Yahoo! Sports report.

Two league executives contacted by on Tuesday confirmed that Pierce is a player of interest if the C's look to break up the Big Four which consists of Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

"If Danny (Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations) decides to blow it up, why wouldn't you at least look into adding Paul Pierce?" one Western Conference front-office official said Tuesday evening. "You're telling me Paul Pierce couldn't help your team?"

CSNNE – Ainge should resists temptation to trade stars

It's going to take the "perfect storm" scenario for Danny Ainge to move Ray, KG and Paul. Any sensible deal would have to involve:

  • Large expiring contract
  • Promising young player with short, affordable contract

I'm not sure there's a contending team with those assets. If you got one, throw it in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Sherrod Blakely says Paul Pierce does not have a No-Trade clause in his contract.

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On Page 2, vomit-enducing statistics about the Celtics play around the rim.

According to analytical site HoopData, the Celtics attempted a season-high 33 attempts at the rim Monday, but missed 15 of them. For the season, Boston is 154 of 255 at the rim, a 60.3 percent clip, ranking them in the bottom third of the league overall. 

Dig deeper and the numbers are even more cringeworthy. 

According to Synergy Sports, the Celtics rank 29th in the league averaging a mere 1 point per play around the basket (in non-post-up situations). In fact, the Celtics have connected on a mere 47.9 percent of those shots (104 of 217 overall). For comparison's sake, the Miami Heat average a league-best 1.286 points per play around the basket, converting a whopping 62.3 percent of their close-range shots (170 of 273 overall). 

What's more, the Celtics are getting their shots blocked at an alarming rate. According to HoopData, the Celtics are getting blocked on 8.48 percent of their field goal tries. The next closest team is Detroit at 7.69 percent (the league average is 6.24 percent). 

ESPN Boston – Make your layups

Garnett and Jermaine have to be the reason for those statistics. Unless they get bionic calf implants, I don't think those numbers are going to improve.

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  • I have said it once and I’ll say it over and over again: the celtics are over the hill. Better to trade them now and get some value instead of just doing nothing and languishing throughout the season.

  • Is that some more excellent analysis from your blog? Tell me, who are your sources?

  • HAHA! Riveting inside information huh? Always one step ahead that blog is…

  • djisinthehall

    The end is here. Blow it up. Send the the guys to good contenders let them finish their careers and lets get back to building for championships! I Want to be in the OKC shoes! Young, promising team that needs to get over the hump, not an old aging team, fighting injuries every year and just trying to pump the brakes…

  • Hard to see us getting equal value or a blockbuster name coming back to Boston. What’s more palatable is a contract of value, and a large expiring deal to make the numbers work. Pierce to Portland for Batum/Camby and a first rounder is something that makes sense for both teams.
    If one considers this off season’s free agent pool mediocre (beyond the obvious) then a trade for a bad contract might be something to look at, but only if it brings back a top ten pick for this year. That would leave us with three #1’s.
    Blatche/Lewis/#1 for KG/Wilcox
    This works for both teams in terms of salary dumps because Lewis can be amnestied, but the Wiz would have to be fed up with Blatche, which is possible. They also have to qualify McGee next year or may have to match an offer during the off season.

  • Jerry Sondler

    It would be very painful to see Pierce wearing another uniform. As much as I want to see the Celtics rebuild, I don`t think I could trade him, at least not right now.
    Speaking of painful, nothing is more painful than watching KG trying to drag his old body up and down the court.

  • Would the Celtics trade Pierce to the 76ers despite being in the same division? Nicolas Vucavic, Evan Turner, Andres Nocioni (expiring) and a draft pick make sense. The Sixers would add Pierce to Holiday, Iguodala, Brand and Hawes. Pretty dangerous team…

  • I’d rather see Pierce retire a Celtic, but that’s deal worth mulling over. It must include this year’s #1 even though it appears the Sixers’ pick will fall in the mid 20’s. I doubt very much they tinker with success at this point. Would his highness Stern even approve an intra division deal involving Pierce?

  • Scott

    What are you guys talking about? Dude was just stating his opinion. Calm down.

  • You must not have seen the other day when he was calling us all assholes and saying shit about the site. That’s why I made my douchey statement.

  • have you been watching Celtics games, recently. Those are my sources.

  • Why would the Wizards give up their Top 5 pick for an older player?

  • We have what most sub-.500 teams want don’t we? Expiring contracts, a great coach and a good, young distributor at PG.
    What would we be trading for? Are draft picks from a contender helpful, even if the other team had enough expiring contracts to match Ray’s or PP’s salary?
    Feels very unlikely that unless we wanted to take some non-top-10 picks and do Ray or PP a favor letting them go.. it just doesn’t add up for me.

  • Essentially they save $45 million over three years and develop this years #1 Vesely at PF. 
    They'll also have to address McGee next season.
    Sent from my iPad

  • Maestro

    KG and JO match salaries with Dwight Howard and Turkoglu’s carcass. If we threw in our Clippers first rounder, do you think Otis Smith would do it? We’d be taking Hedo’s awful contract off their hands since they used up their amnesty on Arenas. Free agents don’t mind going to Florida(weather and taxes), so clearing 30 mill off their cap could actually help in the long term.

  • Roberto

    If Kevin Love does end up getting an extension with Minnesota, I don’t see any other potential free agents worthy of going after, besides Dwight Howard. So, I suggest the Celtics use Kevin Garnett’s expiring contract as a chip with Golden State, who needs a dominant big man and would have the cap room this offseason to go after Dwight Howard…
    Celtics acquire:
    F David Lee
    C Andris Biedrins
    F Jeremy Tyler
    Golden State recieves:
    F Kevin Garnett
    F JaJuan Johnson
    Celtics get a good big man in David Lee and a good defensive center in Andris Biedrins. Golden State gets Garnett’s expiring contract in order to go after Dwight Howard.

  • Roberto

    Also, keep Ray until he retires.. CLASS ACT and he doesn’t appear to age
    And, Paul Pierce is a Celtic; no trading him

  • Maestro

    We could possibly give up the same amount(KG +JJJ), and get Okafor and Landry from NO. Landry is unrestricted after this season. Okafor is slightly overpaid, but if we can’t get Howard, it’d be a serviceable replacement. If we wanted David West so badly, why not give Landry a try? Dealing with NO is tough because of Stern interfering and trying to find new owners, but having cap space is always enticing to small market teams.

  • Quest

    Wasn’t last year trades of Perk and the Bench a lesson to be learned. Like nothing came out of that trade that was any benefit. It more than likely screwed whatever chances the C’s had for making a stong finish to the playoffs last yr. Trying to get everyone to learn the sets, develop chemisry etc. at a late date in a shortened season would be more problematic a second time around.
    Really will there be any good trade material at the March deadline other than GM’s trying to dump salary or players that have invisible problems until after the trade.