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Wolves are low-balling Kevin Love


Kevin Love is having a monster season. He’s 4th in scoring (25.6 ppg) and 2nd in rebounding (14.3 rpg).

At age 23, Love is considered one of the game’s rising stars. One would assume the Wolves are prepared to open the vault in order to keep him in a Wolves uniform. Maybe not:

Love, 23, who is playing for $4.6 million this season, can become a restricted free agent after the season unless he signs an extension before Jan. 25. If he opts for free agency, the Wolves would have the right to match any outside offer. Love also can return to Minnesota in 2012-13 for $6.1 million and become an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Wolves President David Kahn isn’t commenting on contract talks, and Love says he’s unaware of the status of negotiations. The Wolves, though, want to get Love signed by next week.

Love, one of five players in NBA history to start a season with 13 double-doubles (points-rebounds), is the Wolves’ fifth-highest-paid player.

$60 million is not chump change, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Love to want max-money. See Derrick Rose’s 5 years, $94.8 million contract.

GMs around the league are waiting for Minnesota to screw this up. Let’s hope Danny Ainge can capitalize.

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  • Low balling give me a break. If Minn’s wants to build any kind of team around him and if he wants to stay then its a good deal for the team and the league.

  • Kevin Love would look good in green.

  • djisinthehall


  • Bringing in a replacement Kevin as ours withers from age would make me very happy. Can you imagine the love that Boston would show this kid?

  • While we’re in wonderful fantasy land, let’s get Rubio as part of the deal. KG and Rondo for Rubio and Love + some picks? Imagine the possibilities…

  • Simply no way Minnesota screws this up.

  • You’d think so, but we are still talking about Kahn here, so you never know.

  • Wolves can match any restricted offer just in case they take hard line going into the off season. Love is in total control here and with Rubio in the fold it would be public suicide to let him walk. He could just take the QO next year, and go into UFA and get a max deal. The team that signs him can do a S/T leaving Khan with a trade exception and probably 2 #1’s. Unless Doc, Wyc and Danny can convince him of a blossoming legacy in green he goes to the highest bidder, which is right back to Minnesota.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Forget Dwight Howard…this UCLA boy will be a Laker very shortly.

  • And what evidence do you have of this other than a Murphy’s Law mindset?

  • Jerry Sondler

    Common sense is my “evidence”.
    If you are Love…Do you want to freeze and lose in a city you never picked to play in, or win in a town you liked enough to go to college in?
    If you are the Lakers…Do you want to lose Bynum and/or Gasol to get Howard, or add Love to team up with Bynum and Gasol?

  • Just because he played college ball in LA doesn’t guarantee he’ll play there professionally. Especially when its a legacy school, not in his hometown, and he was a one-and-done. It means absolutely nothing.
    Also, the Lakers have no money to spend, so they would have to trade to acquire Kevin Love. So it’s lose Bynum and/or Gasol to get Howard, or lose Bynum and/or Gasol to get Love.

  • Yep … Well said. Lakers don’t have the assets to do both and the Wolves won’t trade Love for an aging Gasol and low first round picks.

  • Jerry Sondler

    LA happens to be his family`s “hometown”.
    His father {Stan} grew up there, and played for the Lakers. His uncle {Mike} is an original Beach Boy.
    Lakers have cap space…that`s what the Odom trade was about.

  • I didn’t realize the family connection, as Wikipedia is down today. But even still, Love grew up in Oregon, not LA.
    And LA received a trade exception from Dallas. A trade exception can only be used in a trade and not new signings. But even if it could, it’s not big enough to cover the contract Love will receive from Minny.