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Jermaine wants us to forget his crappy offensive play

Jermaine O'Neal is a bit tired with reporters/analysts/fans/bloggers criticizing him for a lack of offensive production. i.e., missing wide open lay-ups.

Here's my response to Jermaine's whiny comments following Monday's game vs OKC.

Hey Jermaine,

I think you have received a pass from the media and fans for the wretched offensive play. Most criticism has been directed at the team or KG. But since you brought it up…

No one expects you to score more than 5 points per game. We understand your role is to play defense and rebound, but thanks anyway for the condescending words.

When you get shots within the flow of the offense that are 1) open and 2) within 5-10 feet of the rim, I'm going to expect you to make that shot. Is that such a ridiculous demand?

You are shooting 39%. A horrible number for a big man who lives 10 feet from the hoop.

Instead of insulting us by insinuating we don't know your role, how about working a little harder after practice on the bunnies? 

Warmest regards,

Anonymous blogger

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  • Lex

    No one expects you to score more than 5 points per game.
    Well, this is kind of complicated. Not expecting JO to score more than 5 points per game is a bit ridiculous. He is a better offensive player than perk, and that is about what perk scored. So all things equal, I would expect JO to score 7-12 in 18-28 MPG. Problem is any games he plays is a surprise, and having any expectations at all is almost as ridiculous as having no expectations re scoring.
    it is a catch 22.

  • Hear Hear!
    I’ll give him a pass at the rim cause he can longer lift, but he did shoot 50% from 10-15ft in Miami. Why then do you commit 12m to guy with his chronic knee issues who shot 20% from the floor against you in a playoff series?

  • I love how Ainge identified him as worthy of over 6 mil after he decomposed in front of everybody in 2010

  • ahh mercy! just stop, it hurts too much.