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Woj: Several teams have asked about Pierce

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski says GM’s are calling Danny Ainge and asking about Paul Pierce:

As Kevin Garnett and Allen become free agents this summer, money will peel away from the salary cap. Between then and now, the bigger question promises to be: Does ownership and general manager Danny Ainge go for the complete rebuild and trade Pierce before the March 15 deadline? Several contending teams have inquired about Pierce’s availability. As one Eastern Conference official said, there are “lots of calls asking if [Boston] will blow it up.”

For Celtics ownership and Ainge, this moment of truth could be coming sooner than later. The Celtics have lost five straight games, dropping to 4-8. They’re still trying to see how much blame for this sluggish start belongs to the lockout, the schedule or advancing age. Ainge has always insisted he’ll never make the mistake with his Big Three that Red Auerbach made with his own in the late 1980s by staying too long with them.

Garnett and Allen come off the Celtics’ cap this summer, but Pierce is the most perplexing member of the Big Three. He has two years and $32 million left on his contract through the 2013-14 season, and moving him for a shorter deal could make the Celtics a huge player in free agency the next two years. 

Wow. Big changes are a coming…

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  • Danno

    They’ll never trade Pierce.

  • djisinthehall

    Thank you, Thank you ! for all that you have accomplished.
    Blow this mess up!

  • My green glasses have been on too long.. I hadn’t even considered that an option.

  • BRADinLA

    It’s crazy how sobering a thought trading Pierce is. I wasn’t one to canonize Perk but getting rid of The Truth feels like damn-near sacrilege. But, I’ve always agreed with Ainge’s insistance on not keeping these guys past their time… even Pierce… ugh, just pull the trigger man and let’s get this fire sale over with… especially since the Lakers seem to have some fountain of youth hidden out here in LA…

  • Trade him for what exactly? Vince Carter? Marcus Camby? A low draft pick? Im not against it but let’s hear specifics

  • Jerry Sondler

    This was inevitable.
    This should be Paul`s “call”. He has more than earned the right to decide to retire as a Celtic, or chase a ring elsewhere.
    KG & Ray are “newcomers” to Boston…no need to afford them the same courtesy.

  • Man, it is so hard to think of Pierce playing for anybody but Boston. For his legacy, it won’t really matter. He will always be remembered as a Celtic. Michael Jordan will not be remembered as a Wizard. Brett Favre will not be remembered as a Viking. And if Pierce plays for someone else, he won’t be remembered for that team.
    But, man, it would suck something awful. If a deal presents itself, DA has to consider it. If he were to leave, I would hope he would come back and play a final game in a green jersey, just so he can retire a Celtic.

  • only if PP asks for a trade. he has life and several yrs left and has been a professional key stone through thick-thin. it’s slightly embarrassing that he only has 1 ring.
    danny needs to unload garnett/ray to a desperate playoff team. celts need young, raw talent.. smaller market teams have spent yrs rebuilding and we’re about to witness a colossal melt down.

  • true that- pp in another uni w/absolutely suck and reflect poorly on the most successful nba franchise.

  • I’m not sure I could handle that. I’d rather see us lose every game from now till the end of the season than lose Pierce. Anyone but him…

  • Danno

    I would immediately put all of the rest of my season seats up for sale on Stubhub, and cancel when my renewal comes up.

  • why would pierce stick around if the celts trade kg and allen? hes at the tail end of his career, he wants rings. trading kg and allen is basically forcing out pierce as well, unless we somehow miraculously improve our team by trading two, past their prime aging players.
    i bet ainge sticks with this team until the beginning of march, if their record is well under .500, then he blows it up.

  • BradinFL

    Well, This is Dans chance to put his money where his mouth is on the trade bird comment back in ’88. We can make all the excuses in the world. Bottomline the C’s are NOT going to the finals. UNLESS right here & now Pierce will redo his contract for about league minimum along with Garnett & Allen & are willing to become 6th,7th,8th men off the bench.They have to go. Get what you can get now. BIGTIME free agents will NEVER willingly sign as a FA to Boston, its always going to be LA cause they are going to be actors/singers when they retire.

  • valid points- however, over the years pierce has been very vocal of how proud he is to remain with one organization and how rare that is. he’s stated with conviction about retiring a celtic, but if he request a trade than you could only understand it’s the competitive side that’s talking. really he’s done all a fan could ask from an overpriced athlete. ihope danny keeps him off the trading block. fyi celt’s are -4 under .500

  • Derek

    Bobby Orr finished his career with the Chicago Blackhawks. Bob Cousy played in 7 games for the Cincinnati Royals. Robert Parish played with both the Charlotte Hornets and Bulls. Gordie Howe played for the Hartford Whalers (and several non-nhl teams). These things all have a way of being forgotten with time, so long as the move doesn’t come back to haunt the original club.

  • Derek

    Pierce, Allen, and Rondo are really the only tradable assets the team has.
    Maybe you could flip KG for someone with a longer deal that doesn’t expire for a while and then amnesty that player… but that presumes you’d be able to get something worth doing that for and that ownership would sign off on that waste of money. I don’t think either is possible.
    It’d pain me to see Pierce traded and I could never do it myself. That said, that’s why I’m not the GM. I have no doubt that Danny is placing some of these phone calls himself.

  • Danno

    All of those guys were done by the time they left Boston. Paul has a few years of Playoff caliber Basketball left in him. If he gets a shot at a ring in another uniform, it would taint the Big 3 era.

  • Danno

    Just do this:
    KG & Jajuan Johnson to Orlando for Howard.
    Works on all trade rules, gets Dwight out of a situation he doesn’t want to be in and makes the Celtics an instant contender, gives Orlando a huge expiring contract to free up room for Otis Smith to throw bad money at awful players like we all know he’s capable of, etc.
    DO IT Danny.

  • Parrish got a ring with the Bulls. I don’t think it tainted that Big Three.

  • Danno

    If the Celtics get BETTER by trading KG & Ray, why wouldn’t he stick around? He has no loyalty to them. Why would they trade KG & Ray to get worse?

  • Danno

    that was his 20th year in the league. He was a bench warmer collecting a paycheck. Paul is only 34 and would likely be a starter no matter where he gets traded. huge difference.

  • how do you see that happening? kg and ray are old aging stars. theyre not done in the league, but i would say at this stage both are best suited coming off the bench. why would a team give up young talent, which is surely what we’ll be asking for, for a rental of bench players?

  • What kind of value can you expect to get back by trading Pierce? He has 2 1/2 yrs at 40 million left of his contract and appears to be either out of shape or in decline physically. So you’re not going to get a fair deal from a team with trade assets like Utah/Indy/Minn, or from a contending team intent on renting him or Ray or KG. That would yield nothing more than a low first rounder and a bad contract lasting more than a year.
    Better to wait out the market. See what teams extend marque players contracts past January 25 and devise a plan for those who do not get extended (Hibbert/Gallo/Batum/Westbrook). The call to ‘blow it up’ is flawed because the return on the dollar would never be in our favor. Better off giving this some time and perhaps add a few ancillary pieces using a combination of role players, and draft picks for trade bait, which can bring back a decent contract.

  • Slightly embarrassing that he has one ring? There are plenty of legends who never won a championship.

  • ORL would never make that deal. Makes no sense to move DH for an expiring contract since he is an expiring contract. They want value in return.

  • Agreed. Never happens. And if Danny does, for some middle-aged scrub or has been, that will be the last straw for me. If a deal did happen, and he did not get a young scorer or finisher (neither of which are available) he’d be dumber than I thought.

  • Exactly. There’s not much out there. I hope those who keep saying “blow-it up” remember years like 2006. If not, Google “Boston Celtics 2006”-then tell me how you feel about blowing things up when there really is not much better out there.

  • Danno

    expiring contracts are sometimes worth more than mediocre talent.

  • Danno

    Do not underestimate the stupidity that is Otis Smith.

  • In Ainge I trust.

  • I just don’t think it’s a ‘trade Bird’ situation.
    Teams want Pierce because he’s still a dangerous player, particularly in the 4th quarter of close games. It’s the teams that want to contend that would be most interested.
    For Bird…it was about second tier teams that knew they wouldn’t contend but needed to sell tickets that would have been most interested…like Indiana back then, for example.

  • I will spare the virtual trees and long rant for as long as I can…
    For the meantime:
    A more detailed version could only say the same thing.

  • The teams that are calling, are hoping Danny will trade Pierce as a salary dump, it would be nowhere near worth it to trade him.
    Like it or not celtics fans who are calling to blow it up and start over need to realize that rondo’s the only one on the team with any real trade value, and even he wouldn’t bring back a package that we would be happy with. Yes Ray has some value to, but its just as likely that we’d be better off taking the cap room than trading him for what a team would now give up for a half of 80% of a season for Ray.
    We can’t trade Ray, Pierce, and KG for great young talent AND draft picks, that just ain’t happening, in fact if we were to trade them we would most likely get marginal mid tier guys with big salaries that eat up the cap room.
    Our best option is to ride it the season, HOPE like hell we can sign Aaron Brooks or JR Smith, and pray for KG to get his legs back; If that doesn’t work after the season we can hit the reset button and clear pretty much everyone’s cap but rondo’s

  • vik melb aus

    Vik Melb Aus,
    You tell em Kwapt.. no way they will trade pierce and for WHO..
    Pierce is getting his groove back and I still beileve this team has a shot no matter what the media,fans and league say. If the thunder didnt hit those three’s ( which was crap) that small line up which would have beaten the number 1 team in the country would be getting a little different press.

  • I agree. We beat ourselves last night-sucks.

  • Why? Trust him to hang on to the Big 3 a year too long? Or to trade a vital role player for an upside player who make a negative impact on the court and is now facing a serious health issue?
    Ainge is a good GM…but he’s certainly not beyond reproach.

  • vik melb aud

    Vik Melb Aus,
    I think the team is getting better people forget the knick team in the 99 lockout that didnt even have half the talent we do..
    All this panic is becuase people are used to our team flying from the gates, this year is different so what..How many Great Nba teams have won it all when at the start of the year it didnt look that way huh.
    In 10 games we have tried to do much and lost the games due to fundamentals which can be fixed, but our bench is deep bass will kick off, pietrus is strong defender with a great 3 ball as well as most importantly can create sparks off the bench, people forget our squad has too much depth,exp and coaching not to make a run… I just dont think the big 4 aint going out like that.

  • vik melb aus

    Vik Melb Aus
    I AM A CELTIC 2012 and I live in Melbourne Australia
    what about all you peeps in beantown stay true to the team that brought a banner to your city.


    I would give until midway of the season before they start talking trades. Somehow, I don’t think that another ring is possible with this group unless they make a turnaround. They had their chance in 2010 and BLEW IT. PLEASE DOC, ROTATE YOUR PLAYERS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.