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Tanguay: Paul Pierce will not be here March 1

Gary Tanguay is convinced Danny Ainge will move Paul Pierce at the trade deadline. Pierce would have to agree to any such deal because he has a no trade clause.

The question is… Would Pierce be willing to join a contender? 

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  • KY Celts fan

    Sports Media sensationalism at its best. Remember when Stephen A Smith guaranteed Kobe would demand a trade? I hate sports journalists. If this were real journalism, most of them would lose their jobs for printing false information.

  • I’m really disappointed you even blogged this. Tanguay isn’t a reporter. He’s a host on a Mon-Fri sports show that throw out sensational topics, such as “The Patriots WILL NEVER WIN with their Defense!” or “Chicken & Beer should be BANNED from every baseball clubhouse!” This is why Tanguay got fired from The Sports Hub; he’s a terrible sh*t stirrer.

  • Travis

    Pierce has a no-trade clause. Guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

  • Pierce needs to retire a Celtic. I don’t care if he starts to suck, have him come off the bench. He has given his all for this team, and his number needs to be retired in the rafters with the greats. He stuck with this team when they were mired in the mud, got us close with Toine, played great against the Lakers in L.A. and added another banner. If Ainge moves him, I’ll no longer respect Danny – He made some great moves, but his track record isn’t so good since the Perk debacle, and moving Pierce (I hope) would seal his fate. Move the old HOF geezers, or flip Rondo, but Paul needs to stay.

  • Hahahaha, this is hilarious. I went under the comments to ask why in the world you would ever post ANYTHING that GARY TANGUAY says about the Celtics–but people already beat me to the point! That guy knows close to ZERO about the Celtics or basketball in general. People already hit some points of why Pierce won’t be traded unless it’s a VERY good deal for Boston and Pierce likes the team he’s going to. I doubt he’d even go to the Clippers. They STILL wouldn’t be good enough probably.
    What do people think about this (I checked it on the Trade Checker over on Realgm.com.)
    Ray Allen and Brandon Bass for Rudy Gay?
    The trade works money-wise, and I think it could be a decent deal for both teams. The thing that I think many fans forget when they talk about trades is that the other team needs to agree to the deal. A lot of people are like “let’s just trade pierce/allen/garnett to here or there”. That’s not how it works.
    This deal might work because the Grizzlies had a great postseason run last year without Rudy Gay. As many people predicted, Rudy Gay’s return to the lineup has caused some problems because he takes way too many shots, and it has forced the Grizzlies to play from the perimeter more rather than through the post. They might enjoy having Ray Allen who won’t demand so many shots at this point in his career, and who is a high percentage shooter (which they don’t have). Also, Bass would be a good addition off their bench. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to throw in Bass, and we could get away with giving someone else, but we may have to. Maybe the Grizzlies could throw in an extra back up wing player if they have one (I haven’t checked that, I admit).
    As for the Celtics, that leaves you with Rondo, Gay, Pierce, Garnett, and JO in the starting lineup with Dooling, Bradley, Moore, Daniels, Stiemsma coming off the bench. This way, they will remain semi-competitive for the rest of the year. Following this year they would have (I believe) only Pierce, Rondo, and Gay under contrat–maybe the rookies as well. That leaves room for some other good players, and a nice transition into a team led by Rondo and Gay for the next few years that could maybe attract some free agents.
    Let me know what you guys think.

  • Sam Young could be a guy they could throw in–works financially.

  • JR Bremer

    Tanguay is an idiot. If the Celts trade Pierce it would be a slap in the face to him after he stuck with them through thick and thin. If Ainge does decide to move a veteran I hope it’s KG, as much as I love the guy. He just can’t keep up with the young athletic big guys in the league. Watching him try to post up Ibaka, Perk and even Nick Collison was just painful.

  • Jake-Love your passion but Chris Wallace no longer works for the C’s.


  • Pierce will retire a Celtic in 2 more years.

  • Tanguay is a tool. He doesn’t even know when the trade deadline is. See how he pauses right before he says it’s March 1st with conviction. It’s March 15th idiot. You only get paid to know this stuff. Then Gresh is even worse. Remember his Perk is just not that good. Easily replaceable or something of that sort line.
    CSNNE tries way too hard to be like the WEEI’s Big Show from a few years ago (when it got ratings). Tanguay, Felger, and Gresh are all dickheads that just make me change the channel.
    Whoever runs CSNNE, show more Tommy, Mike, Blakely, Camerato, and even Dickerson and less of these pricks please.


    The Celtics have reached the top. Sure they didn’t win 5 rings like somebody in LA we know, but who does? A long line of great NBA players retired without that elusive ring and let’s all be grateful for the one great moment in 08, the Big 3 captured championship glory one more time for the city of the basketball gods, Boston MA. With that said, how you feelin now CELTICS? READY FOR ONE MORE RUN? GET MOVIN NOW, TIME IS YOUR ENEMY !!! BANNER 18 AWAITS.

  • Jimmy Darmody Banged Your Mom

    Paul Pierce is convinced that Gary Tanguay will not be here on March 1.

  • BigMck

    Don’t mistake commentary for journalism.

  • BigMck

    Blakely is reporting this morning that Pierce does NOT have a no-trade.

  • You’re right. I shouldn’t lump them together. Woj at Yahoo is a journalist and actually did his homework, asked questions, and wrote the piece. Tanguay is a commentator and is allowed to say the most extreme, off base things purely for ratings sake.

  • Keltic

    I am tempted not to ever come back to this website because of this post. You have got to be kidding me. GARY TANGUAY!!!! hahahahahahahahahahah!!! Wow unreal, the trade deadline is March 15th you idiot. And even if Pierce does get traded (which he shouldn’t unless we get a young proven scorer like Rudy Gay) I still think Tanguay is horrendous. The guy has absolutely no knowledge of the game. I try to watch pregame/postgame even halftime shows, and I cringe just having to listen to this guy.

  • I know, I know what most of you gonna say – it’s business right and obviously it’s not all about 18 this year, it’s nearly imposible so it might be tempting for Ainge to do this. But remeber two things 1. Paul is a sibol of Celtics and you don’t just get rid of your symbol like that and 2. Ainge’s already said once that he traded players for the sake of the future and we all know what we’ve got in return so he’s gotta watch out with big, risky moves even looking at the 4-8 start this year.