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How bad is the Celtics start?

Chuck - Red's Army January 17, 2012 Uncategorized 9 Comments on How bad is the Celtics start?


Some of us are optimistic the Celtics will get their sh*t together and turn on the jets… eventually. They can’t be this bad for the duration of the season, can they?

The Cs are 4-8. Twelve games represents 18% of a 66 game season. That’s a decent sample.

Here are some ugly numbers:

  • Have two fewer wins than the Cavaliers
  • One more win than New Orleans
  • Are one of 10 teams to have a losing record at home
  • Their 89.1 ppg is the 5th worst in the NBA
  • Rank 28th in rebounds per game
  • Rank 27th in steals per game
  • Rank 19th in turnovers forced per game
  • Rank 22nd in turnovers per game
  • Rank 3rd in technical fouls per game
  • Paul Pierce is shooting a career low 39%
  • Kevin Garnett is shooting a career low 46%

Is it time for Danny Ainge to sell off some assets and throw his hat into the Austin Rivers sweepstakes?

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

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  • What assets are there to sell? What can we get back that’s more valuable than the cap space we’ll have at the end of the season? Unless that answer is Dwight Howard, there’s nothing there. We’ll be in the Austin Rivers sweepstakes, but it won’t be because of trades. It’ll be because this team has very little chance at getting better.

  • Damn straight,
    I knew the Celtics would struggle, but I did not see that crashing down like this. Danny Ainge is balking how he will make trades if things do not change, but assets does he have? Kevin Garnett is in his last season, but more than likely Boston would have to take a bad contract in return. The Celtics suigned Pierce to a big time extension last season–good luck trying trying to get a quality player for him the way he has been playing. The whole team is filled with washed up, over the hill has-beens. I don’t see wnything getting better for the Celtics to tell you the truth.

  • Jerry Sondler

    We haven`t even seen the worst yet!
    The wheels will really start to come off in Feb/March…when they play 18 of 25 on the road.
    Then, how do you think their old legs will perform in early April…when they play 11 games in 15 nights?

  • knowing how bad this team sucks i can’t and don’t watch their games, it hurts too much

  • trytryagain

    Enjoying ever minute. No more Garnett chest thumping. Woo!

  • I’m watching a myriad of in season developments …
    1- Will Atl. be inclined to clear cap space and trade J. Smith? That depends how far they slip without Horford. So far they’ve won 3 straight and I don’t see them having much use for Ray or KG.
    2- Is Utah for real and if they fall out of playoff contention would they deal Milsap? As an 8th seed they would certainly be bounced in the first round, and they won’t able to deal Jefferson’s contract away. Favors is worth developing.
    3- Will Denver extend Gallo? He’s is more athletic and better defensively as a Nugget. Would look great in a Celtic uniform next season.
    4- Will Portland extend Batum? A light’s out 3 point shooter with great length to defend the perimeter. Can’t see letting him go into FA.
    5- Will Indy extend Hibbert? He might indeed explore free agency.
    6- Is Curry expendable knowing Action Jackson is changing the culture in Oakland?
    7- Will Dallas deal Odom for more shooting in the back court?
    So do you trade Ray straight up for Odom?
    Or Ray/#1 (Clips) for Granger?
    Do you deal RR/AB and #2 (NJ) in mid season for Curry and Biedrins?
    A more likely way to skew younger and more explosive before the trade deadline without blowing up the team …
    1- Send Wilcox/Sasha/#2 and cash to Denver in a S/T for J.R. Smith since the Nuggets have no use for him after he returns from China. I’d give him 3 yr 17m deal with a team option in the third.
    2- Trade 2012 #1, the Clips #1, Dooling and #2 (NJ) (Gody/Erden trade) for Milsap.
    Once the season ends the contract extensions would have worked themselves out. I would covet a player like George Hill (2.2m q/o) in the off season. Make Oden a 2 yr 20m offer (if he’s able to play), perhaps sign Ray to a 3 yr 9m deal with yr three a team option. Pick up Bass and resign Pietrus. All subject to change.

  • It just looks bad. We have to wait it out.. and with their hands tied for trades, I’d rather see them wait and make the right move than make a bad move now.
    Ray will be Ray, I have zero concerns. We need to get Rondo running with the younger guys once in a while, see if their styles match up.

  • Jerry Sondler

    How bad?
    Just look how quickly those 8 losses came about :
    Celts are 4-8…last year, 28-8

  • Quest

    Austin Rivers… may have proven to be a good pt guard in High School and showing at the college level but can he transition over to the NBA. A lot of promising Rooks have bombed in the NBA. How quickly can he move from Rook to starter? His brother couldn’t make the tansition. Just saying.