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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk is coming back home


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Perkins admits coming back to Boston is bittersweet. He’s happy in Oklahoma City (“Our locker room is locked in,” Perkins said) but admits a part of him believes those Celtics teams had unfinished business.

“There’s always going to be a ‘what if’ in me,” Perkins said. “We never lost a playoff series. You wish you could have had a chance to redeem yourself with the team but it’s a business, and it has been good be able to come to another great situation. But the ‘what if’ is always in the back of your mind.”

Perkins says he has thought a lot about how he will be received by the Boston crowd.

“I’m kind of nervous,” Perkins said. “I don’t know what to expect. It’s not like I have been around the league. I came there as an 18-year-old out of high school and was a Celtic for eight years. We went through the good times, the bad times, and the city really embraced me. I got close to a lot of people in that city and it was really hard to leave.

“Going back for the first time, I don’t know what to expect. My approach is I want to win the game, but at the same time it is kind of hard with so many friends on the other side. Can I really be Perk out there? Can I really play my style? [Kevin Garnett] is my mentor. Ray [Allen] and Paul [Pierce] are my friends. Doc, we have a father-son relationship. [Rajon] Rondo, we talk every day. It’s going to be hard.” – New and improved Perkins nervously awaits return to Boston

The ovation will be thunderous. Perk’s return to the Garden is going to be a cool moment.


I’ll never truly understand the post-trade affinity for Kendrick Perkins. While Celtics fans certainly appreciated his work, defense and toughness, I believe he was more maligned than loved during his time here. The criticisms were plenty; the illegal screens, the technical fouls, and the inability to get off a shot quickly in the post. Even when he played his best game, Perk largely went unnoticed. 

The Perkins trade is more a symbol of the Celtics demise than a direct cause. While I won’t rehash the pros/cons of the deal, I recommend reading Chris Mannix’ entire article. Hell, even Perk understands the logic behind the move. There’s no denying the results were disasterous. The Celtics have yet to fill Perk’s shoes and Jeff Green has been MIA (for poor play and health-related reasons).

Perk’s in a great situation now. He’s a key contributor on a great team who will likely win another NBA championship in the coming years.  Good luck, Perk.

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On Page 2, Paul Pierce is a step faster than he was last week.

“It’s hard to put a number on that. I don’t know,” Pierce said. “I’d probably say a couple of weeks. I definitely see a difference now. I’m a step faster than I was a week ago.

“It’s going to come. Like I said when I first came back, there were going to be some inconsistencies from a lack of practice. But with the more repetitions I get in games, it’s going to be better for my ballclub.”

Herald – Paul Pierce gauges fitness

The Truth still looks about 2 steps behind. Here’s hoping he’s running at full speed in two weeks.

Unfortunately, the team might not win another game until then.

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  • paul

    You people make me sick. You are still shilling for Ainge. Yes, The Trade wrecked us last year. What Perkins clearly understands is that it was a financial move, NOT a basketball move. As a financial move, maybe it was shrewd, but as a basketball move, IT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF INSANE. And for you to continue to defend it – well, the words for that are not nice words. Not nice at all. Let’s just say it is truly disgusting.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Perk trade…Where Danny “accidentally” blew-up the team.
    Celtics will fall to 19-19 since the trade {reg. season only}…they were 41-15 when it went down last Feb.
    Trading away Perk was not so much the problem…it was what they got in return that was very troubling from the outset.

  • How true, and the circumstances would have only been different if Green was indeed OKC’s #3 wheel, but it was Harden the glue guy. In essence Green’s numbers were fools’ gold. Danny did push for Harden, but when OKC said no way he should have just backed off rather than destroy the starting five’s chemistry. Green is a decent, versatile player but not someone you waste cap space on and apparently Danny realized that by only offering him one yr.
    In a never ending debate of why the Perk trade goes down as one of the worst in Celtic history the last piece of puzzle depends on where the Clips fall in the draft. At least we are guaranteed a pair of first rounders in 2012 (… and Cleveland/Minn #2’s). But would an $8m trade exception (in a S/T) have yielded better results? We’ll never know. Hindsight is 20/20, and Perk would have not changed the outcome in the Miami series, but an $8m t/e is light years better than what we were left with.

  • You people all seem to forget that Ainge made Perkins a two-year offer with the most money he had to give. Perkins turned it down so he could explore free agency! Ainge then had to trade him or he would have been “Lebronned.” Green and Nenad didn’t work out for various reasons but Ainge HAD to make a deal.

  • david

    Exactly. It amazes me what facts people pick and choose to remember. Also, in my opinion the team they had pre-trade was just as bad if not worse than the one post-trade, what with all the injuries.

  • gustusias

    i agree. Perk simply is not worth the money he gets from the thunder. The thunder win despite Perk not because of him. Look, to be fair, Jeff Green is a much etter player than Perk. He simply lost his chance to show that this year but will next year.To me it was crazy to think of paying a player like Perkins money that is paid to the best only. He thrived on the coat tails of Garnett,, Powe, and Davis that championship year.

  • Your revisionist history is not quite correct. In the first place you don’t change the identity of a championship contender in mid season especially when the back up centers were essentially in traction. That move was predicated on Shaq coming back, not Perk turning down Danny’s best offer.
    Indeed that starting line up had never lost a playoff series and at the time of the trade they were primed to finished with a 1 or #2 seed. Once the trade went down the team collectively lost their identity.
    We’ll never know if Perk would have been a difference maker in the Miami series, but wasn’t it worth the risk when a championship was within reach?
    The facts are Danny reached out for Harden first. A trade I would have made because Harden is a stud and the type of perimeter player that would have given Wade fits. Harden had more potential to make the kind of mid season impact a trade of that magnitude required. Danny should have simply hung up the phone when Presti dangled Green and Kristic.

  • James Eisenman

    You claim that I have engaged in revisionist history and then you change the subject. First, Perk was injured at the time of the trade. He had just come back from his injury and did not play a meaningful role for OKC last season, especially for several weeks after the trade. Shaq was considered to be available at the time and had been starting while Perk was injured. Secondly, Perk WAS offered a contract for two years. Perk turned down the offer. Danny was faced with having to lose his bargaining power if he didn’t move Perk before the trade deadline, which was coming up shortly. If he waited, we would have gotten nothing in return. So what if he wanted Harden and couldn’t get him? He was supposed to hang up the phone and allow Perk to leave at the end of the season? Plus, talk about revisionist history. This is Kendrick Perkins we’re talking about. He will not make it in the Hall of Fame. Much as I loved his toughness and work attitude, he has distinct limitations as a player. He does not really have much of an offensive game. He is a mediocre free throw shooter. He gets too many technicals. He works hard on defense but he’s really more of a beefed-up power forward than a center. He has difficulty guarding the long mobile players like Gasol, Odom or Nowitski. He had problems staying out of foul trouble. He’s a decent rebounder, is tough, has no attitude problem (ala Rondo) and can score at times but that’s about it. Perk would not have made the difference against Miami. They lost that series for a variety of reasons. Finally, talk about revisionist history! How about the falsehood that “this starting lineup never lost a playoff series.” This is the height of revisionist history. They lost to the Lakers in 2010 (much to my aggravation and much thanks to Joey Crawford). Perk played all but game 7, when he was injured. If you want to pretend that the one game was everything, you can. But they lost 3 more with him on the team. Plus, he had just come back from one of several injuries during his career (shoulder, knees, ankle). Who knew what condition he’d be in in the future? Come on guys, you must get over the myth of this trade sinking the Celtics.