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Taking Stock: C’s-Pacers

Taking stock

After every game, we'll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player's overall value.


Sideways_double_arrowPaul Pierce:  The 21 points were great, the 6 turnovers were not, neither was the 5-12 shooting.  But he was drawing fouls and he he was producing more than he has been.  On a back-to-back night, there's something to be said for that.

Sideways_double_arrowRajon Rondo:  Rondo spent 41 minutes bouncing off Chicago defenders, hitting the floor, and generally getting beaten to hell a couple of nights ago.  Today he's getting heat for not doing it again?   He was ridden hard less than 24 hours before, so I'm cutting him some slack.  He still had 9 assists and he should have had a few more.

Sideways_double_arrowRay Allen: Same goes for Ray.  It's no shock that both guys who played 40+ minutes the night before were quiet the next. 

Sideways_double_arrowKevin Garnett:  Much better night for KG who took 19 shots, making 10 and scoring 21 points.  That's enough to end the stretch of red arrows in this feature.  I can't go 180 degrees and upgrade his stock, though.  Four of his shots were blocked, most on the team.  He also turned it over 3 times and grabbed just 5 rebounds.  A nice start to a potential turnaround for KG, but he's not turned around quite yet.

Sideways_double_arrowJermaine O'Neal:  12 rebounds and 3 blocks?  Ok, that's great.  0-6 shooting on makeable shots?  That's not.  Gotta make at least a couple of those.


Sideways_double_arrowBrandon Bass:  He has cooled significantly.  Oddly, he was 0-4 from 9 feet and in… and 5-8 between 10-23 feet.  He's was 1-8 in spot-up situations, with 4 of his 5 baskets coming off an assist.  We need better production up close, and a much better percentage if he's going to be "no pass Bass."

Sideways_double_arrowMickael Pietrus: Much like the previous night, all of his 6 shots were from long range (5 from 3, 1 from just inside the line).  They weren't horrible attempts, but there were also a few opportunities to get a little closer to the basket.     

Red arrowAvery Bradley:  FML is right, Avery.  7 very unproductive minutes might have sent him to the bench for a while.  

Green arrowE'Twaun Moore:  E'Twaun hit the floor and immediately came up with a steal, one of two on the night.  3-7 shooting for a 7 point, 3 assist, 2 rebound, 2 steal line.  A bright spot in a generally "meh" game.

Sideways_double_arrowGreg Stiemsma: Same story for Stiemsma:  a couple of blocks and a few rebounds, but still problems as he tries to get position for a board.  Last night, it lead to fouls.  He needs to hire a rebounding guru and work like hell to improve that. 

  Sideways_double_arrowMarquis Daniels, JaJuan Johnson:. JJ got some late garbage time, hitting an open jumper and finishing a break with a dunk.  We know he can hustle and he can shoot, but there's nothing more you can really take out of that.  There's nothing else to say with Quis.


Sideways_double_arrowDoc Rivers: The tinkering continues.  It looks like Avery Bradley's time is running out and Doc will go with Moore.  Let's see what the mad scientist comes up with to pull the C's out of this. 


Sideways_double_arrowThe team didn't look all that bad early, which was nice.  But they were making a lot of the same mistakes. There is some hope in the final offensive numbers produced by KG and Pierce, showing they are capable of some level of production.  Hopefully, that gives some credence to the notion that time, conditioning, and cohesion will lift the Celtics from this malaise.  Ultimately, I'll declare that it didn't get worse last night… we just saw more of the same.  And considering how things are going, I'll take more of the same over getting worse.  

I know, go ahead, make your jokes… "how can it get any worse?"  Trust me, it can.

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  • More of the same will probably continue to the end of the regular season. No matter how much tinkering Doc does the C’s just are not the same. I am not expecting any comeback to get them into the playoffs.

  • sportsfan

    AVERY should have been either cut or sitting the bench long time ago … nd DOC iis tripping waiting to put more time for moore he proved he can balled with jus the 2 preseason games looking very confident on his shots …………… opposite of avery .. by 20 …

  • astarot

    No doubt they came out of the gates better, overall better offensive production. But on defense they looked to slow once again Indiana just kept on shooting basket after basket pretty much through the entire game and REBOUNDING again, it was better both on DREB and on OREB but still gotta be much better especially fighting for position to rebound and boxing out without it fighting on D will be useless.

  • I don’t rally care how many minutes at 25 you played the night before mailing one in like that is disappointin. And perhaps the type of play that got him on the trading block to begin with. Thats not what a champion does. Don’t make excuses for him. Sell

  • It is time to change the starting unit, mixing some vets with some youth. Same thing in reserve. We cannot have all the old guys playing at once. Maybe PP and JON can come in off the bench?

  • Good observation.
    Although starting Bass on Friday night yielded mixed results it’s the starting center spot Doc has chosen to experiment with. But aside from Pietrus where does the scoring punch come from off the bench if he continues to start? So the combination of Bass and Pietrus in relief is something I hope is not tinkered with.
    Stiemer did well in his only start and when you consider how flat the starters have been out of the gate his energy could make a difference. He doesn’t have to play starters’ minutes and if he picks up a few quick fouls so be it. At least he can provide a little spark defensively and his shooting can’t be any worse from 10-15ft than JO’s. Another caveat would be for him to show what he’s worth because his contract becomes guaranteed at the end of this month. We all know JO will never be able to stay healthy, but in his defense, with the starters, that unit is a +5.6 and yields its lowest numbers defensively.

  • the team should hire a rebounding coordinator

  • paul

    What a load, as usual. Paul Pierce, it is increasingly clear, is a very selfish prima donna who is unwilling to loosen his death grip on team leadership. Rondo is being marginalized and then blamed for not doing more. The whole thing is sickening and perverse.
    This demented and perverse team insists on marginalizing its best player, by far, to coddle the self-delusions of four very delusional oldsters, and equally delusional fans and media, who insist on believing that it is still 2008.

  • paul

    So it’s ok with you that the team insists on marginalizing Rondo and then blaming him for not doing enough? Nice one. Real nice.
    Don’t pretend you don’t see how the team insists on taking the game out of Rondo’s hands and trying to force the Big Three into leadership of the team
    You do see it.

  • paul

    The problem is that the Big Three refuse to see that they need to adjust their games to supporting Rondo. They think that if they refuse to recognize that it is 2012, it will still be 2008 forever.

  • Agree. Rondo definitely needs at least one other player on the floor that can keep up with him right at the start.

  • Rondo mailed it in against Darren Collison at age 25 on the second night of a back to back..talk about prima donna he pouted and cried after they traded his best friend and submarined the c’s last season or do you forget that?..if this is the leader and best player then we might as well sell the farm now because its over…im certain Bird never took nights off..hell even Pierce manufactued points..35 yr old KG put in 21 in the second night of a back to back..Also your hero continutes to play mattador defense hoping for the poke steal and when he doesnt get it it leads to the team having to rotate or give up a lay in..Doc pointed it out already once this year and yet the hero doesnt realize that he needs to dig in and keep Rose or Collison out of the lane..i mean earlier this year Norris Cole roasted him..but hey..if you think its ok for a 5th year starting NBA point guard to shoot 59% from the ft line then cool.hand the team over to a guy who cant drive in the 4th because he is STILL afraid to shoot FREE throws.

  • I TOTALLY agree.