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Recap: C’s comeback falls short

Pardon the super quick recap tonight, but aside from the third quarter, there wasn't a whole lot to talk about.  The Celtics came out of the box frigid, missing some makeable shots but also looking old and slow.  

They found the fountain of youth in the third quarter, hitting on 11 of 19 shots and outscoring the Bulls by 11.  Mickael Pietrus' 3 with about 10 minutes cut was was a 20 point deficit down to 1… but the C's never got any closer. 

Rajon Rondo had 14 pts, 11 ast, 7 reb.  Ray Allen had 16 pts.  There's no one else really worth mentioning.  

Why do the C's look like such crap, even early in games?  I shared my thoughts on Facebook… basically saying I think the end of the lockout caught a couple of these guys off guard. 

C's lose it 88-79, alternately looking finished, looking good, and looking "eh".  More on the game tomorrow. 

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  • Chicago knows who their best player is. The Celtics have no idea who their best player is, though everybody else in the NBA has known for a couple of years now. They deserve to lose for being stupid. You can’t win when you hamstring your best player.

  • Well maybe this is the year to shoot for the lottery 🙁

  • For awhile there it looked like the corpse had a pulse, but they obviously cant keep digging themselves into these huge holes and expect to come out of it on the winning end. That was against arguably the best team in the league, but for alot of the night, it was another shit effort as far as rebounding -especially on the defensive end. Not sure what to say about the captain….he doesnt look out of shape but we can only hope that’s the issue. Rondo was pissed and I dont think it was all directed at the refs. Also, Rondo needs to not throw KG lobs anymore, for everyone’s sake.

  • Those two block/charge calls that should have gone against Rose that went against Rondo and Pierce completely changed the outcome of the game. What SHOULD HAVE been Rose’s 3rd foul and 2 FT’s for Rondo became a T on Rondo, 2 Ft’s for Rose instead of Pierce, and a 5 point swing. Add in the ridiculous call Korver got at the half and that’s 2 more points. 7 points alone on 3 bullcrap calls.

  • Three winnable games at home, three horrible performances from Pierce. Has he just turned a corner towards retirement? Did the lockout affect him that badly? Is he hiding an injury? I don’t know, but he better find out quick or he’ll be joining JO on the bench to begin games.
    Refs were horrendous, but they weren’t the reason we lost to tonight. Against the Mavs, Pierce couldn’t handle the ball around Jason Terry. Tonight he couldn’t shoot past Noah. I want him to retire a Celtic. He deserves it. But if he keeps playing like this, than I’m gonna start hoping that retirement comes sooner rather than later.

  • When are the Celtics and their fans going to wake up? Our best player is Rondo. It’s just so freaking obvious, how can so many people not see it? You refuse to see it. Writers refuse to see it. Fans refuse to see it. Doc refuses to see it. OUr best player by far, and its not close, is Rondo. Yet the team continues to try to force the team’s offense through anyone BUT Rondo. It’s so freaking stupid. It’s like the twilight zone at this point


    Youth is the word. The second unit needs more influence on the game. How can they get a chance when Doc always plays the Big 3. Rondo, Johnson, Bradley, Moore and Steimsma are the future and need to form somekind of bond if this team has any chance of being contenders in the next 5 years, providing they don’t get traded. Age, injury, fatigue, whatever. 3 future Hall of Famers should play that like a future HOF. Right now, only 1 is and he is the eldest one. No excuses for the other 2. KG, all due respect, but get your head out of the clouds.

  • They know their best player is Rondo. Unfortunately, the team around him is a square peg in a round hole.

  • Rivers continues with his subpar coaching this season. He played the Big 4 at least 35 minutes or more apiece. He continues to exhume Jermaine O’Neal’s corpse each game. What harm could it cause to play Stiemsma or Johnson? I mean really? They find a future player who can actually run with Rondo?
    They’re losing these games AND burning out the old guys at the same time. They’ll be 4-8 by Tuesday morning.

  • What’s wrong with you people? If Rondo is our best player. WE SUCK! He’s becoming more awful every game. Forcing the ball to middle with nothing to do with the ball. No shot, no pass, then when he makes the pass, it’s too high, too low. His stupid double team leaving Rose wide open for the dagger 3 when we finally got close. Constantly brhind Rose. At least Avery Bradley stays close to him. Rondo arrogantly drops off of him all the time!!! Their rebounding and shooting was AWFUL. No energy, no movement, missing wide open shots. I can’t stand watching them right now.

  • GooseBumps

    I will take this team sucking for the rest of the season. A great draft class awaits and I waited 22 years for another NBA title. I can handle a year or two of stink for a great future. Rajon Rondo, a lottery pick & the Salary cap to sign a good free agent. This team is done and anyone who thinks otherwise is such a stupid blind Celtics fan that you should just leave.

  • I’m with you James.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’m drifting more and more towards that position with each loss.

  • GooseBumps

    Look I love the Celtics. But I will not blindly love a bunch of great Celtic players that are soo over the hill that it is now sad to watch them slug it out. I respect Danny Ainge and his guts to pull trades but sometimes I wish we had Kevin Pritchard as are GM or President because he has a great track record of building a foundation for a team in the future.