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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Bulls

Tip: 8pm    Court: TD Garden    Watch it: ESPN      Hear it: WEEI

                           Referees:  Jason Philips, Brian Forte and Leon Wood

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The Matchup

Celtics text logo

Bulls text logo

Record: 4-5 (3rd Atlantic, 9th East) Record: 10-2 (1st Central 1st East)
At home: 3-1 On road: 6-2
Streak: Lost 2 Streak: Won 3
    Leaders  Leaders
Buckets: Allen (19.0 ppg) Buckets: Derrick Rose (20.7 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.3 rpg) Boards: Carlos Boozer (7.9 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (10.1 apg) Dimes: Rose (8.6 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks: 
Offensive Rating: 103.5 (11th NBA) Offensive Rating: 106.5 (8th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 103.6 (19th NBA) Defensive Rating: 95.2 (2nd NBA)
Pace: 88.8 (28th NBA) Pace: 90.1 (23rd NBA)

Last time

The Celtics and Bulls split last year’s season series. Each time won on its home court.

This time

Get it to: Paul Pierce

The Truth is 5-for-22 over the last two games. He averaged 16 points on 42% shooting in four games vs Chicago last season. But… 

Gotta stop grab: Rebounds

The Bulls are second in overall rebounding and second in offensive rebounding. The Celtics have struggled on the boards. Two words for the entire team – box out.

The Wild Card: Derrick Rose’s toe

Rose missed Wednesday’s game with turf toe. Despite being seen in a walking boot earlier today, Rose says he will play. Will the toe limit Rose in any way? We’ll have to hope so.

How we see it goin’ down

I haven’t been Captain Optimism over the past few days, but something tells me the Celtics will bring their best effort tonight. Aside from Rose’s toe injury, Joakim Noah is struggling and playing with a freshly sprained thumb, and Carlos Boozer has been wretched the last two games. Call me crazy but I like the Celtics by double digits: BOS 94 – CHI 84

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  • In one article today you tell us that this game is on Rondo. In this article you tell us that the key is getting the ball to Pierce. You really don’t have half a clue, do you? Are you ready to wake up to the fact that 2008 Pierce isn’t about to walk through that door? Are you ever going to wake up to the fact that Rajon Rondo is our best player?
    What we need tonight is Rondo to lead the team in FGA. We need that every night. He should never be lower than second or third. HE IS OUR BEST PLAYER. What part of that do you still not grasp?
    Now what we need from Pierce and Garnett and Allen is for them to learn how to slip effectively into secondary roles. I hope Pierce has a monster game tonight. All three of those guys can feed off Rondo’s energy and the way he breaks down defenses, and come up big, especially if Rondo starts finding them. But it starts with Rondo.
    So you were right the first time. Maybe you do have HALF a clue. Now here’s the other half: for the game to be ‘on Rondo’, we have to get the ball to Rondo. Then, if Pierce finds good spots, it will go to Pierce. But we need Rondo to be The Aggressor, and for that to happen we need him to have the ball in his hands, and we need him to attack, all night long. No more deferring to the Big Three.
    Got it yet?

  • whoever gave you the asshole gene should be shot

  • Seconded.

  • Holy sh#t, you sound like my ex wife. Michelle if this is you your still angry and the therapy isn’t working – get a hysterectomy before you post again.
    Celtics by 7

  • I’m not sure you understand that multiple people write on this blog. I’m the one that mentioned Rondo as a key earlier… and that was only in the context of stopping Derrick Rose. Chuck, who wrote this preview, took a more overall look at the game and the team’s success.
    Of course, you’d need half a clue about different authors on the site.

  • this would be a huge win for us…
    do you think tonight is a must win??

  • not a must-win til past mid-season. It would be a statement win though.

  • aaron

    love the enthusiam but we aint beating the bulls tonight. especially not by ten. give me a break.

  • can I have tomorrow’s lottery numbers with that, too?

  • Jerry Sondler

    Celtics by 10?!?
    Give me Chicago and the points, please.

  • astarot

    By double digits? That’s Captain Optimism in the best shape. I mean I’ll be happy with a win by any margin I want them to win sure and they can play an incredible game tonight but in that case against Bulls right now the progres would,ve been huge.

  • The Celtics look more run down and more over the hill with every game. It looks as if Rondo will have to take up an even bigger burden in this game.

  • Brad

    I really hate saying this, but watching the game, Garnett is done, Maybe if he’s willing to sign & be the 7th or 8th man for league minimum, bring him back. If you can sucker a toaster or something for him in a trade go ahead & do it.

  • Brad- it’s painful for all of us. He looks like an old man out there and I’m sure deep down he’s embarrassed by his and the team’s performance. And tonite our captain doesnt look so good so far either.

  • Brad

    Lee, I think he just doesnt need to start, Like with Walton back in ’86, If u had other starters, make Pierce a 6th man & Garnett a 7th man & limit his minutes to 14-20 a game. He would be fantastic for that. But father time has caught up with him as a starter. I love him & hope he comes back next year as a backup.

  • too smooth

    Its ugly to even watch these old guys just reaching for the ball,athleticm is gone all but Rondo. I just dont see how this team can get close to the bulls , heat level. Teams are just too quick , fast and jump higher. Worst of all PAUL PIERCE LOOKS LIKE HE IS DONE some say conditioning, some say old but he cant even give us 5 minutes of solid play. Poor Rondo he is by himself

  • Always thought he will be a great 6th man, but not at $20 million. He has no fire. It’s fine that he’s getting older, but he doesn’t have that crazyness anymore either. DONE, DUN DUN DUN, DOOOOOONE

  • Wow. Bitter much?
    What’s the point in creating a preview for every game if it’s going to read: Rondo, Rondo, Rondo and Rondo.
    Rondo may be this team’s best player… but they aren’t winning shit until Pierce gets on track.