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Recap: Dirk delivers dagger in win over Cs

Dirk Nowitzki blew past Kevin Garnett for the game-winning circus lay-up as the Mavericks beat the Celtics 90-85.

This was a game the Mavericks were supposed to lose. Back-to-back road games. Three games in four nights. Meanwhile, the Celtics had four days off. I'll be kind and say the Celtics were… inconsistent with their effort.

Rebounding (17 second chance points) and mind-boggling defensive lapses killed the Cs tonight. They also started slow, again. They opened the game shooting 1-10. 

Rajon Rondo led the Celtis with 24 points, 7 assists and 3 steals. Kevin Garnett chipped in 16 points and 10 rebounds. Not only did KG get burned by Dirk on the game-winning play, but he also missed (or was blocked) an easy layup with one minute remaining.

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen combined for 13 shots and 16 points. 

Mickael Pietrus (5 points, 2 steals) impressed in his debut. His steal and dunk late in the 3rd quarter helped bring the Celtics back from a 13 point deficit.

Something is off with this team. We can make excuses. It's early in the season. A lot of new faces on the bench. Not enough practice time. But a lot of teams are dealing with the same problems. I'm seriously doubting whether they will make the playoffs.

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After the jump, Paul Pierce's game-tying three pointer.

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  • Very frustrating loss. I hated to watch this game, honestly. It was a bit ref happy (techs on Rondo, Doc and ejecting Carlisle), but ultimately just indicative of the fact that this isn’t a team built for a championship. That said I disagree– we will make the playoffs. Likely 7-8th seed, IMO.

  • I definitely agree with all of that except for the playoffs part. The East is just too weak at the bottom. The C’s would have to play this crappy for the next 3.5 months, and I just don’t see that. They are playing up to about 1/3 of their potential right now.

  • Big 3 looking old and tired. This team’s prime days are long over. Rondo only one looking good out there. Time to pass the torch.

  • Something is off? Yeah, father time has reared his ugly head.

  • Something is off? Yeah…they’re simply not a good team. Plus now we have terrible coaching’ with Rivers’ insistence on playing Oneal.

  • Danny, blow-it-up!
    They are on their way to finishing 28-38…no way they`ll be in the playoffs.
    Father Time is causing those bald heads on KG and Ray…not razors!

  • On one hand they have no where to go but up. KG is still ok defensivly in spurts but he looks terrible out there. Painful to type this but he should have retired last year. It’s not just Dirk, ALOT of guys go by him, and ALOT of guys are turning him back on everything but the fadeaway jumper. As a team team though, the energy just sucks. The lack of rebounding especially and the defense is like a layup drill for the other team. Doc must want to tear his frickin hair out.
    Playoffs? Does it matter if a vet team makes the playoffs only to get bumped in round 1? It’s not like they need the experience.

  • Making the playoffs as a 8th seed in the east would not be the worst thing in the world. That way we either make a run and win the championship, or no matter what we do in the playoffs we get like the 15th pick in a very good draft.
    We can’t score, and we aren’t the defensive juggernaut that the big 3 era became known for; Something has to change

  • Does this surprise anyone? The problem is the same it has been for a while now. The big three cannot bring themselves to pass the torch to Rondo.

  • Watching KG out there is like being under the shower and desperately squeezing the last drops of shampoo out of an empty bottle; PP looks even worse.. I’d say “scary” to be kind.
    Yesterday at some point it looked like a friendly game between old, retired superstars; probably the C’s will get themselves together in the future and something better will happen, but thinking about playoff runs and stuff like that is just.. well, you chose the word.
    They’re done, man, totally. IF we clinch the 7th-8th seed it will be a fast and painful exit against Chicago or Miami.

  • D

    I agree it was ugly. But it’s not like they’re done. They look pretty good on D, KG looks pretty good on def. end but offensivly he’s scary. As being said on RedsArmy he’s got only one post up move and that’s it. Paul’s gotta’ find the groove and I’m pretty sure he’ll find it. And Ray, don’t cross out Ray. Couple days ago (even after loss to Indiana) you were all excited about the way he’s been dealin’ with Fater Time. And now all the sudden after one bad game you started to yammer at him sayin’ he’s done. He’s still a leading scorer remember that. Of course I don’t have any delusions, this is not a championship caliber team the playoffs gonna be hard but maybe, maybe there’s gonna be a pleasant surprise, one last run for the weterans. It’s still too erly to say. We can say about many things after game like this but as Doc once said on T/O: ‘Rebound the ball!” They gotta Rebound the ball way better on defense (from the stat sheet OREB. Bos. 2, Mavs. 12!) and on offense too. What I’m gonna say right now it’s obvious but still, we miss the presence of Perk in the paint, we miss it badly but it’s only one factor out of many in terms of rebounding.

  • Agreed-I'm holding-on to hope KG will turn it around. But I disagree on your last point-I'll take playoffs over no playoffs anytime!

  • His hands a tided on that, it is old man Oneal or a bunch of middle talent role players. I love Stiemsma but if he is played too much, his weaknesses will become glaring. Danny didn’t have much to work with but this team just doesn’t have the talent past the top 4 and NO quality size.

  • Here’s the thing Rondo is not improving, he has a couple great games and then 4-5 average gamea. stars don’t do this!!!!
    Also JO IS lift or speed….GS needs to start..ya i know he’s not a great rebounder, but he’ll jump and play faster…..can’t be worse!!!!!!!!!!!!