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Report: Rajon Rondo left off preliminary Olympic roster

Rondo team usa stretch

According to, Rajon Rondo is not the preliminary Olympic roster.  Here are the point guards on the roster.

Chauncey Billups

Chris Paul

Derrick Rose

Russell Westbrook

Deron Williams

Follow that link for the full 19-man roster.  As for Rondo… his withdrawal from the team last year might have been enough to remove him from the running on this roster.  They have Williams and Paul as passers, so I'm sure they're not worried about having another distributor on the team.  Don't be shocked if Westbrook and Billups don't ultimately make the team.

Rondo, for his part, is probably happy enough to be left off.  I don't think he ever really wanted to be there in the first place.

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  • you know this was a business decision by rondo, why play if u aint gettn paid

  • the pic can clearly tell how Rondo feels about that position. ^^

  • Eh I wonder how well he fits in with that group? If people are going to be cliquish jerks about it, it would take most of the fun out the experience, and it’d be bad for the team. Why put yourself through that?
    Remember Andre Miller freezing out Paul at the 2002 FIBA World Championships, and then he’s the one who got shut down by George Karl?
    Its better to just let it go if you can anticipate stuff like that happening. You might as well just let other people go so they can try to put together a cohesive team. It’s not like the USA is short on very good basketball players.
    It sucks for Rajon though that people are and will continue to question his motives, and plenty of people will even just make up his motivations as if they actually know him, when they’re really doing it just to run him down.
    After all, it is, ironically, the choice of a team player and in the case of the national team, a patriot. If you had to call anybody selfish and unpatriotic, it’d be the guys who won’t put it all aside for the team. He takes a pass on the honor and the amazing life experience and goes on like it’s no big deal, because that’s the best thing for the team, given that too many other guys just won’t grow up.

  • Yeah, what a jerk. Nobody else yawned the entire time.
    I mean come on, if somebody else dared to yawn, reporters would take a picture of it and make a huge deal of it. We can be sure that since that didn’t happen, nobody else was one of those horrid yawning guys.
    I bet he even made himself yawn. What a jerk.

  • I don’t like this.
    You are selfish enough not to be interested in being part of a national team, how we can assume you’re gonna be all live and die for your team? Just because you’re getting paid?? C’mon, it must be more than this.
    But after all, I’m not a huge fan of Rondo’s attitude at all..