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Your Morning Dump… Bradley, Daniels have been awful

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Spacing has been an issue without consistent shooting on the floor and Dooling has more turnovers (14) than assists (11). Rivers had Bradley bring the ball up the floor at times so that Dooling can run off screens and initiate movement and while the young guard has kept his turnovers in check, he’s not a playmaker at the point. Daniels is shooting 27 percent and he and Bradley have missed 10 of their 11 3-point attempts. Stiemsma can make a jump shot as we’ve discovered, but he is by no means a player who can create his own offense.

But there is potential here. Bass has emerged as a top-flight sixth man and is getting his share of minutes with the four All-Stars. Dooling is making 39 percent of his 3-pointers and Stiemsma (blocks) and Bradley (on the ball pressure defense) have flashed the kind of game-changing defensive ability that will be valuable for a team that will have to fight veteran legs all season. Wilcox missed three games with a shoulder injury, but he has been active on the offensive glass, a valuable skill for a team that ranked dead last in offensive boards last season. For all his struggles, Daniels has worked well with starter-heavy lineups.

WEEI – A closer look at Celtics struggles off the bench

Let’s be honest… Avery Bradley and Marquis Daniels have been flat-out awful. We’ve seen how Bradley can impact games defensively, but he needs to shoot better than 31%. Most of his shots are relatively-open jumpers.

Quisy is shooting worse – 27%. His impact is more severe, because he’s playing twice as many minutes as Bradley (18 to 9).

Mock me if you want, but I’m convinced Mickael Pietrus will be a big help. If he can contribute 8 points off the bench, that will be a huge shot in the arm for the second unit. That’s how bad the group has been playing.

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On Page 2, why is Kevin Garnett taking fewer shots?

Garnett’s attempts have decreased steadily since his arrival in Boston in 2007-08. He tried 3.7 fewer shots in his first season with the Celtics compared with his final season in Minnesota because Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were his new teammates.

But that 13.9 shots-per-game clip from that championship season in Boston has dwindled to 10.1 in his fifth season. His shooting percentage has mostly remained steady, but he has chosen to divert the scoring responsibility to Pierce, Allen, and even Rajon Rondo.

Another year removed from major knee surgery, Garnett appears healthy and nimble enough to make more of an offensive contribution. It’s natural that age (35) has slowed his ability to produce big numbers such as that night in Washington more consistently, but Rivers isn’t asking for 20-10 nights. He’s asking for 15 shot attempts.

Globe – Garnett slow to embrace offensive aggression

Throw out the numbers. When you watch the Celtics, do you see many instances where Kevin Garnett should shoot the ball and he doesn’t? He shoots a lot in the pick-and-pop and whenever he’s open from 17+ feet. 

Forget the post. We all know he’s not comfortable there. After 16 seasons in the NBA, Garnett isn’t going to suddenly get more aggressive in the post, no matter what Doc Rivers says or does. I’d rather see him pass than uncomfortably back another player down and attempt an off balance turnaround jumper.

If Doc really wants KG to take more shots, he’s going to need to run more sets for him on the perimeter.

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  • Wow didn’t I say this from day one. Sometimes I hate knowing so much Delonte was the guy we needed to resign. Trade for him please!!!!!!!!!! This is not a back up back court that win a ring. Sorry all trader danny needs to get a back up combo guard.

  • i agree for the most part, i’d like to see more e’twaun moore instead of avery.

  • Quisy has been on my crap list for awhile now, I cringe everytime he touches the ball, and wanna puke when he shoots anything longer than a layup.
    However, blaming these guys for the C’s woes is ridiculous. This is not a title team. Adding Delonte would not improve them as we have a b/u point guard who’s better than DWest right now. Hell, at this point, they might not be a playoff team.

  • Thanks. Wanted to say that myself, but it hurts too much to admit it..The Big 3 are now in the Fall/Winter of their careers.

  • It’s weird cause I had this vision of a 50 game season with plenty of days off and we get this 66 game season that is a brutal grind on guys like KG. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see him hang it up after this year- especially if things keep going this way. Can you imagine the C’s limping into the playoffs with a near-losing record and getting bumped in the 1st round? I’m not saying that’s gonna happen and there’s certainly time to improve, but this season will be not be a glorious end to the Big 3 era. The 3 teams they’ve beat have combined for a total of 4 wins.