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Pietrus will be ready for Mavs game

Pietrus completes the Celtics bench picture (at least for now).  It will be interesting to see his impact on the team and what effect it has on Avery Bradley and Marquis Daniels.  I'm betting Bradley's minutes start to wane… but we'll have to wait and see how Doc uses Pietrus.

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  • I doubt that Pietrus will have any real impact on the roster. he’s not that great a shooter and has lost a step as well in terms of being a lock down perimeter defender.

  • Yes, yes. Dooling, Quis, Pietrus, Bass, Steimsa. This could be a really good 2nd unit. Of course, three of these guys already played together in Orlando, and it didn’t really work out there. Hope Doc can bring it together.

  • Patience will be key for us C’s fans. Pietrus will have to learn Doc’s system, and will be a rustier member of an already rusty squad. It would be great to see immediate dividends, but we’re foolish if we expect it. There’s a busy stretch of games coming-up, so thankfully these guys will have alot of time to gel.

  • Given his past, Pietrus will certainly help IF he`s healthy.
    However, let`s be honest…thus far, Bass has been our entire bench!
    Quis, Steimsa, Wilcox, Dooling, Bradley, and the two rookies are merely taking up space.

  • He’s shown he can be a streaky shooter, as shown by his big games vs. Boston in the past. He’s also shown he’s soft on defense, so expect him to giveth and taketh away.