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Your Morning Dump… Dribble penetration killing the Celtics

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Coach Doc Rivers talked about the Celtics becoming frustrated by the Pacers’ penetration. Inside players were forced to provide help on guards, allowing a Pacer room to follow up.

“It was not the bigs,’’ Rivers said of the rebounding problems. “It was the guards.’’

Both Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo struggled to contain dribble drives. The Pacers finished with a 47-36 rebounding edge, 14-7 on the offensive end.“It’s not only on the bigs, all five of us are out there,’’ Rondo said. “The bigs were stepping up, and when [the Pacers] shot the ball, the bigs lost their body.

Globe – Celtics guards need defensive adjustment

This is the second time this season that Doc Rivers has criticized his guards' play. I'm willing to cut Ray Allen some slack. Heck, he's 35-years-old. But Rondo? There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for Rondo getting beat (consistently) off the dribble. He is arguably the quickest point guard in the league. He could stay in front of any guard in the league if he truly wanted to.

I'm tired of beating this drum…

On Page 2, Chris Wilcox has been a major disappointment.

Wilcox played a season-high 14 minutes on Christmas Day in New York, chipping in four points, three rebounds, and a block, but suffered the shoulder injury two nights later during the first half of a loss in Miami.

In three games since returning, he's registered three points (taking only three shots) and six rebounds over 22 minutes. He admits he's looking for some sort of spark.

"I don't know what it is, man, but I'm trying to find it," he said. "If you can find it for me, let me know, so I can get on it. Right now, I'm just trying to find myself, trying to find out what's going on.

"Like I said, I have to give more than I'm giving right now."

Wilcox is also a solid rebounder, especially on the offensive glass, and will naturally generate points off putbacks.

But none of that has happened thus far. He has no putbacks, no buckets in transition; and five cutting possessions — plays that end in a field goal attempt, turnover, or free throws generated — have produced only three points, according to Synergy data.

ESPN Boston – Wilcox "Just trying to find myself"

It's way too early to label anyone a disappointment, but there's plenty of room for improvement for Chris Wilcox. I don't think I've seen him make one impact play. Isn't he supposed to be the ENERGY guy?

He has plenty of legitimate excuses. New team. Short training camp. Minor shoulder injury. Most of the second unit (except Brandon Bass) is struggling.

Danny Ainge's biggest salary chip this season was the MLE – $3 million. He dumped all of that on Wilcox. If Wilcox flops, it's on Danny.

I hope my season preview regarding the team's most dissapointing player is wrong.

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  • can we just take a minute to appreciate how awesome it is to have an NBA season

  • +1 … lockout makes the season that much more interesting.
    Favorite League Pass Teams … Nuggets, Blazers, Wolves, Clips, Thunder
    Those ‘singing’ cut outs playing in the band is one of the best spots they’ve ever done.

  • Although he had 3 steals Friday night it almost feels like he’s letting his man beat him to inflate his stats. A few years ago RR himself admitted he liked ‘back tipping’ saying he’d would be good for four, five, six steals a game. He can’t be considered a great defender if guards are getting by him all the time. He’s repeating bad habits again. Same thing happened last year with his FT shooting, which was acceptable … then turning worse as the season progressed.
    As for Wilcox, I’m holding out hope both he and Dooling will figure it out. So far it appears the mini-mle and Quis T/E would have been better spent elsewhere (why not just have signed D. West?). But if Wilcox can catch fire perhaps Danny thinks about moving JO’s contract and a draft pick for another scorer. Would love to see Steamer get 10-15 solid minutes/night. Neither are championship caliber 5’s, but Miami doesn’t rely on size and both guys are scrappy enough to compete with Noah.

  • If I had a video man to put together a montage of Rondo’s defense when he’s on the weak side, a pointer and a TV and a half hour with Rondo, he’d leave the room knowing why he can’t play off his man to raise his steals average. I’d spend 15 minutes showing him the result of not staying up close and personal to your man At all times and the last 15 minutes smacking him on the top of the head with the pointer saying “See what happens?” every time his man penetrates and scores or gets a foul on the bigs. Pavlovian training at it’s best. He would either learn or ride the pine. We’re dependent upon him for offensive flow only because we’ve let ourselves become that way. If he’s the future of the Celtics, we might be in for another 20 year drought, unless he learns.