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Recap: Pacers dominate the glass, win going away


I'll start by quoting reader Perry Manno in the comments of our game preview:

Winning the battle of the glass is at a premium tonight. Indy leads the league in second chance opportunities. Psycho T, West and Hibbert averaging 3.5 OR/night. When PP crashes the boards we win, so let's keep that pattern intact

The Celtics got dominated on the boards tonight. Don't let the 47-36 final rebounding number fool you.  The C's padded that number when it was all over. Combine that with God awful shooting and more sloppy play and you get a miserable 87-74 loss at home.

Things started out alright.  The Celtics were aggressive and taking good shots, but they just weren't falling. Then they devolved into a level of disorganization that I haven't seen on this team in a long time.  In the last two minutes of the game, the C's had an offensive possession where four guys touched the ball but no one ever really had true possession of the ball.  There was a defensive possession that looked frantic and disorganized and very un-Celtics-like.

Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo combined to shoot 8 of 29. 

Let that soak in for a second.

The Celtics are lucky Ray Allen came to play.  His 23 points on 7-11 shooting, including 4-5 from 3, was the only reason the C's even had a chance to steal this one.

C's are off until Wednesday.  And they'll need every last second of that downtime to fix their problems… because they've got a lot of them.  Start by watching that video a few times.

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  • Celtics are a good team but no longer an elite contending team. They haven’t even hit the difficult part of their schedule with back to backs and they are playing like this. So does Danny do a repeat performance and trade players at the new March Deadline.
    So much for the Jeff Green /Perkins trade. What a bust that was!!

  • Remember when KG rebounded?
    Same old problems with this team. Nobody other than the Big 3 can be relied upon to score consistently. Now they can’t beat good teams (0-3). It doesn’t get any easier this week with Dallas and Chicago coming.

  • LOL
    Knew we were in for a long night once Foster’s number was called. How is it possible in the modern era a team only attempts 66 shots? KG only 8 FGA … PP did have team high 7 rb, 3 offensive, but shoots 3-17. Outside of Ray nobody could pick up the slack and no one on the bench outside of Bass has proved they can score. Hopefully Pietrus can change that pattern. Meanwhile we haven’t beat a team with a winning record yet.

  • At best, the Celtics have a 50-50 chance of making the playoffs.

  • Pierce should never take that many shots when he isn’t hitting. But Rondo should. That is the difference no one seems willing to recognize. When Rondo started attacking hard in the second half, and when he kept shooting even though he wasn’t having a good night, the offense came to life. That’s because the team feeds off Rondo’s energy. We need him attacking and shooting. But half of Pierce’s shots tonight should have gone to Ray Allen.

  • I think you’re seriously underestimating how bad the East is. We’ll make it to the playoffs. Probably a 6 or 7 seed.

  • The ball was sticking in Rajon’s hands too, he was dribbling too much. Agree with Tommy that Rajon needs to rethink dribbling the ball at the top of key killing the shock clock to 5 sec which limits possible ball movement. He does it a lot but the majority of time it isn’t productive. Yes Tommy it drives me crazy too.

  • The rebounding and offensive woes obviously stand-out, but the other thing that really disturbed me tonight was how Hill, Collison and George torched our guards. Rondo, Ray, Bradley-didn’t matter-whoever was out there at the 1 or 2 for Indiana just got easy buckets all-night.

  • Pierce was awful. Bass was awful. Marquis was awful. The big men unable to rebound were awful. Rondo was AWFUL. Bad passes, Old Rondo free throw shooting, absolutely no defense except for a few steals, no energy. What a waste of 2 1/2 hours.

  • Couldn’t agree more.
    Espacially Rondo’s defense was awful: at some point in the third Collison drove easily to the basket a couple of times in a row, with Rondo literally watching him. Doc immediately played Dooling on Collison, and we were able to slow down their offense a little bit more..
    Talking about Rondo: no matter how we can discuss his smartness and quickness… THE GUY CAN’T SHOOT, period.
    That’s what limits his game and makes him a half player; if he can’t drive to the basket, it’s dark and cold out there.

  • Jp

    I remember the years prior to the latest resurgence. This was the worst game I’ve ever seen the Celtics play. But I don’t take that to mean this team is done. There is work to do. Lots of bad decisions were made on both sides of the ball last night. Sure the offense was abysmal, but the defense was worse. These are manageable problems and I’m confident these four days off will prove valuable and many issues will be addressed in practice.

  • I can see them teetering between 6 & 7 for much of the year….but, I can also see that brutal stretch starting in early April {11 games in 14 days} pushing the Celtics completely over-the-edge.

  • I can see them teetering between 6 & 7 for much of the year…but, I can also see that brutal stretch in April {11 games in 14 days} pushing the Celts completely over-the-edge.

  • In the first game of the season, he hit the medium range jumpers AND most of his free throws and I thought that the guy had worked on his game over the summer. Maybe I would be able to stop calling him “the cancer.” Defense was even passable. But, by the New Orleans game, he was back to his stinkers. Yes, he is brilliant some games when, on the off chance, he hits his open shots and finishes at the basket on drives. But his defense is infuriating. Watch him when the ball shifts to the opposite side of the court. He drops 10 feet off of his man and guards the paint in the key. Or he drops down to the free throw line when his man is 5 feet above the top of the key. When the ball is suddenly passed over to his man, he goes running back to him, usually to be splattered on a pick or, if his man is quick, he’s chasing after him as the guy goes in for the layup. Then, the guys in the middle are forced to pick up his man with a full head of steam and they get called for the foul. And the BAD 10-15 foot jumpers and free throw shooting make him often seem like a one-armed player – half a player.