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Jeff Green now an unrestricted free agent after C’s pull qualifying offer

via ESPN Boston

in a move that was not made public, withdrew Green's qualifying offer in mid-December, right around the time he failed his physical and had his one-year, $9 million contract voided. The move means Green is now an unrestricted free agent. Had the offer not been withdrawn, and the Celtics were under no obligation whatsoever to do so, Green would have been a restricted free agent, with the Celtics able to match any offer he might get from another team.

Before you think this is a way to flat out cut ties with Green…

It may have been nothing more than a goodwill gesture on the part of the Celtics to Green and his agent, David Falk, who said the team has been "phenomenal" in handling the situation.

"It was not something we expected or bargained for, but coming as it did after such devastating medical news it was almost like an early Christmas present," Falk said.

This really doesn't mean all THAT much.  Green was free to solicit offers anyway, the C's just gave up their right to match.  They still own his Bird Rights (which may not mean much with so much cap space next season) so they can still sign him to whatever they want. 

I guess we'll wait and see.

Now THAT'S analysis.

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  • I think it affects his cap hold though, if they hadn’t pulled it, they would have a cap hold of the 9 mil qualifying offer rather than the cap hold of the last year of his rookie deal, which is what it will be now. So the move actually increases the chances that he will be back with the C’s because they won’t have to renounce him (thus losing his bird rights) to clear cap space in going after a max FA.
    In the long run, the silver lining Celtics fans can take from Jeff Green’s heart condition can be that it just may allow the C’s to add a max free agent, and keep Jeff Green, Ray Allen and KG, something that in all likelihood wouldn’t have been possible if he was playing this year. So this year it hurts tremendously, but for the next 5 to ten, it just may turn out to be a blessing in disguise in terms of how the celtics are able to build the team going forward
    Although the real blessing was potentially adding years to Jeff’s life by finding and hopefully correcting the problem so that he can live a long and healthy life