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Your Morning Dump… Avery Bradley came in like a bloodhound


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"Sitting there on the bench, you could just tell it was kind of dead in there," Bradley said. "Sasha was like, 'If we get in, we're going to lift up the energy, we're going to do whatever we can do.' My strength is on the defensive end, so that's what I was focusing on. If I got in on defense, I was going to try to lift the energy." 

After connecting on the trifecta — a bucket that would aid a 16-3 run to close the third quarter and put the Celtics on top by 16 heading into the final frame — Bradley picked up Farmar full court off the inbounds. Farmar initially sent the second-year guard stumbling backward with a little forearm shove as they crossed half court. Bradley seemed a bit surprised there was no whistle but wasn't deterred. 

He rushed back out to Farmar above the 3-point stripe. As the shot clock reached 10, Bradley took a big poke and knocked the ball loose. Farmar scrambled to pick it up, but Bradley again got his hand on the dribble. The ball bounced high near the scorer's table at midcourt, but Bradley leaped, snared the ball and threw it off Farmar's side, causing the ball to carom out of bounds. 

When the referee motioned toward the Boston end of the court, the arena exploded. Bradley pumped his fist and Pierce rushed over with a chest bump that nearly put Bradley on the floor.

…  Kevin Garnett said of Bradley's play Wednesday night: "He came in like a bloodhound, man."

ESPN Boston – Bradley's defense changes game

I'm glad to see the kid play with some fire. It was just yesterday that I questioned his personality. He must have read my blog post.

Credit to Bradley and Pavlovicv for their focus while on the bench. You think Nate Robinson has that mindset? Or guys like Eddy Curry or Kwame Brown? No, no and no.

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On Page 2, KG calls himself the X-Factor.

Although he had 14 points and a game-high 12 rebounds, Garnett also made a number of strong plays defensively as well as set up teammates for scores.

"I do a number of things," Garnett said. "You say 'Ray, he shoots 3s.' Paul's our leader; he scores the basketball.

Garnett added, "I'm one of those X-factors. You need me to score, I can score. You need me to play defense, I can play defense. I'm like the glue here. You need an extra pass, that's what it is."

CSNNE – Garnett proves to be X-Factor

While I was unable to watch last night's game, I will applaud Garnett for hauling down 12 rebounds (Although some might say I could get 12 boards against that Nets front court). 

He's right about the X-factor role. He does a little bit of everything. It's similar to my responsibilities with this website. Not only can I provide expert basketball analysis and fearless criticism of our beloved athletes (only when warranted of course), but I can deliver advanced scouting reports on dance teams. 

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  • I love this kid’s defense, but man is his offense a liability..

  • Last night was a breakout game for AB, but equally important a night of revelation for me. When I laid eyes on him a year ago (watched him occasionally @ Tx) the hope was Bradley could turn into a Lindsey Hunter type player for us. But a consensus (myself included) has been forming of late that Bradley is a total bust. Last week Doc told us that E’Twaun had passed him on the depth chart and AB’s +/- numbers have been as dismal as his shooting %.
    Last night he recorded a +8 and while the plus/minus stat at times is unreliable, there’s no doubt he was a difference maker on the floor. With the advanced stats to consider he may not ever turn into a ‘Hollinger PER Value’ type guard that every GM salivates over, but there may be a life span for AB provided he develops a jump shot and uses his speed to finish at the rim. One thing is for sure, stats do not measure Bradley because things he’s good at don’t show up in a box score. He’s developing into a terrific, pesky on ball defender, which should allow him to take more charges. At times Davis changed momentum after taking a charge, so maybe AB can yield the same results. TA had a similar ball hawking skill set. He became a household name after the basketball elite watched him lock down Kobe. I remember though he went for a Billiups pump fake early in the 07’/08 season and lost a game for us. That’s another Bradley moment we may have to endure if Doc continues to trust him. I’m not sure we’ll find out this year if Bradley is capable of locking down Wade, but playing him in situations is something worth pursuing.

  • He’s still finding himself on offense, if he just gets the confidence to shoot when he’s open it will make all the difference in the world. He’s got a decent shot and if he starts shooting with some confidence it will open the drive for him, with as fast as he is he should be able to get by anyone, then its all about finishing at the rim.
    He’s not good offensively, but you can see there is some potential there, hopefully this was a game he can build on to really improve and play confidently, like he belongs out there

  • I thought E’twaun looked pretty good in limited time too, there’s something about him that i really like

  • I agree. The effort is definitely there and I love his hustle and intensity. The kid really sticks on his man like glue. Doc and Danny definitely see something too as they have not let him go/traded him. Hopefully he can get with Paul, Ray etc and hone his offensive skills.

  • Bradley is too athletic, too tenacious, too defensive minded to give up on.
    He`s like a young Dennis Rodman playing guard.

  • I was at the game, place went nuts after the steal and it was awesome. I think it was Max on the radio after the game put it best.. For the last year, AB looks like he’s trying to catch up to the game, and on Wed it looked like he was letting it catch up to him.
    It will be interesting to see if he can continue to build on this one.