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KG: Doc has his foot in my ass for not shooting

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  • KG was super efficient last night, 6-7 FGM, but only 7 shots? Dude turned down a few open looks in the paint so much so he was fisting his own head over the missed opportunities. It’s a byproduct of age. Conscious or not guys like Jordan who thrived on posting and perimeter shooting choose the latter as time goes by. Same thing is happening with Kobe who’s jacking up more long range jump shot attempts. KG is still money from 16-23ft and he’s such a great passer, but uses the post to dish rather than swish. That’s where he needs to stay aggressive or like Kobe … be selfish. Five more FGA from 15ft or less is what we need. Yet I’ll take 14/12 every night. I’d rather sacrifice a few baskets if his rebounding numbers average 8-12/night.