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Recap: The ugliest blowout you’ll ever see.

Head in toilet

We knew this was going to happen.  With very rare exceptions, the Celtics have always played down to their competition in situations like this. 

Tonight was no exception.  Both teams looked downright crappy out of the gates.  The halftime score in this crapapalooza was 35-34 Nets. No one was moving, the ball was turned over… 

… it was gross. 

The second half wasn't all that much better, at least for Nets.  The Celtics ripped off a 29-12 3rd quarter in which Paul Pierce scored 11 of his 24 points.  Add his 3 assists and Pierce was responsible for 18 of the 29 the C's scored in the 3rd. 

The Nets, meanwhile, were as bad as expected.  After leading 38-34 early in the 3rd, the C's outscored them 55-32.  With 4:14 left in the 4th, the Nets had scored 16 second half points.  

Paul Pierce finished with 24 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds.  KG had 14 and 12.  Brandon Bass had 15 and 13.  Rajon Rondo slept through an 8 point, 12 assist night.  Hell, Avery Bradley scored 11.  

All in all, an expected performance from the C's.  Play down to the competition, turn it on later.  I'm just glad they turned it on in time for KG to only play 25 minutes.  The biggest potential positive out of this would be Avery Bradley finding some level of offense.  That would be a very nice indeed.

Box Score 

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  • I was worried when 3/5th of the Nets starters werent gonna play and for awhile this one looked like a bad game. Then Avery blew-up, first on defense and then offensivly- just like Doc said it would happen. I thought the rest of the guys keyed on his energy and the line-up with Avery-Rondo-Bass took over the game. Granted, this is against the Nets…but still a great effort by the kid who finally looks comfortable out there. The guys he was checking wanted no part of it and couldn’t wait to pass off.
    Can’t wait to play Indy. I hope Bass & KG kill David West! This will be a good test for a team who finally played some spirited D.

  • The Nets have stock piled on players named Williams huh?

  • These games have been borderline unwatchable this year. I usually watch nearly 70 games a year but its not happening this season. So far they’ve lost their 2 big games against NY and Miami. Let’s hope they don’t predictably sleepwalk vs. Indy.

  • Marshon Brooks is just like Kobe Bryant was at 18 and a rookie, just a couple of inches shorter maybe.

  • Ainge drafted Brooks.
    Trading Brooks for JaJuan Johnson might very well backfire.

  • that’s a bit of a stretch.

  • I don’t think it is. Brooks can score. He is on a horrible team and has the green light.
    Of course he can end up like Monta Ellis or if he obsessed like kobe he has the skill set.
    He’d be on the bench with Boston

  • You’re right. In Kobe’s rookie season he only averaged 7 points a game and Brooks is averaging double that. Seriously though, I was living out in LA then and watching Kobe play and honestly wasn’t terribly impressed with him at the time. Of course, I was an Eddie Jones fan. But Kobe had a great handle, a sweet turnaround jumper, real smooth and could finish with both hands and skinny as a rail. Just like Marshon Brooks.
    I could have seen Brooks replacing Ray Allen before I can visualize JaJuan Johnson replacing KG.

  • In case that was too long ago to remember: