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Ray Allen probably won’t play tonight

I have zero concern about Ray's absence.  Give the guy a nice day off against a crappy team missing three of its starters.  

No word on his replacement.  At the very least, this will mean more time for E'Twaun Moore one way or the other.  I wonder if this will be another discovery by necessity for Doc.  

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  • Was hoping Pierce could rest his 80% heel. Oh well.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. PP was cleared by Lacert and they always err on the side of caution. Naturally anything can happen, and the heel may not be 100%, but his gate and timing are crucial and these weaker opponents allow him to find that rhythm It’s a small sample but the C’s scored 20 more pts/100 possessions with PP on the floor this season.
    I like the fact they’re not pushing Ray even though NJ yields close to 50% FGM from three. We’ll need him fresh for Indy on Friday. Just heard these idiots on CSN dismiss Ray asking for a multi year deal. He’s averaging 20 pts/game and if he’s healthy and shoots close to 50% this season why not consider signing him for another 2 years at 3-4m with an option in year 3? I want him retiring as a Celtic if at all possible.

  • Rats. I wanted to see Ray rain down the 3’s tonight. I guess Dooling and Etwaun will have to do it instead.

  • Do not start AB