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Your Morning Dump… Where Greg Stiemsma doesn’t just block shots

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"I think I passed up a couple looks in practice, one of the first few workouts and he kind of asked me, 'What are you?'" Stiemsa said. "And I said, 'I don't know, shooter?' He kind of made me say it a few more times and it started to sink in a little bit more."

That confidence was obvious in the third quarter with what Rivers called his favorite moment of the game. Stiemsma missed a 16-foot jumper in the opening minute of the quarter, but the ball swung right back to him the next trip down. In training camp, he might have passed up the look. Now?

He's good enough, he's smart enough, and doggone it, people like it when he shoots the ball.

Stiemsma made both an 8- and 22-foot jumper in little more than a minute, showcasing his full range, while Boston erased a small deficit. Stiemsma finished the third with eight points in seven minutes, the crowd roaring with every field goal.

"Stiemsma was terrific, he was absolutely wonderful," Rivers gushed. "And I was so happy when he just took the shot. My favorite play of the whole game was when he missed a shot and they threw it right back to him and he shot it again. I mean, that's terrific. I thought the whole bench was excited over that because it's what we've been saying.

ESPN Boston:  Stiemsma gets confidence boost

There's a history of guys finding minutes they never would have gotten under Doc Rivers if it wasn't for an injury.  Greg Stiemsma wasn't even really supposed to make the team.  I'm pretty sure a lot of us didn't even care to learn how to spell his name at first since he wasn't going to be around. 

But certain trades didn't happen… certain signings never materialized… and Jermaine O'Neal is made of porcelain.  It all adds up to the Greg Stiemsma era.  

Now, people are dying to get the kid a nickname.  Everyone's going with "Steamer" or "Steam Roller."  We got an email from a reader, Michael, who suggests "White Out."  

I guess when you're white, it needs to be part of your nickname. 

Fire away in the comments.  Merry Stiemsmas.

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On Page 2:  Jermaine O'Neal says it's not an injury


"No, not it's not an injury," O'Neal said. "I got here with the intentions on playing. Ed Lacerte went through the regular routine of our pregame [stretching]. It's still sore. It's been sore the last three days. He just thought that just based off our schedule, he'd prefer for me not to play.

"I came to the arena with the thought process that I was playing. He had a conversation with Doc and sometimes players get trumped with whatever decision they have. It's not a hamstring pull or anything like that. And the fact of the matter [is] I'll be ready to go come Wednesday."

WEEI: O'Neal on hamstring:  It's not an injury

Personally, I'm a big fan of treating Jermaine O'Neal with kid gloves.  If he even says the word "hamstring," I want him out for 3 games.  He's a stiff breeze away from a career ending injury.  There is NO need to push him, especially against the Wizards. 

Yeah, their bigs kind of had a field day.  I'll deal with it.  We got the win, Jermaine rested.  We're all happy.

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  • I believe Steisma is for real. If you watch the game he does a lot of the intangible basketball plays. He is mostly in great position both on offense and defense. He has great hands and runs the court extremely well.
    Just don’t set your expectations at 4 blocks a game and everyones happy.
    the kid can play.

  • Ohh and its not like Garnett and Oneal don’t get dunked on either, its the NBA guys can finish.

  • Considering all that’s gone wrong for us over the past month, it appears we have uncovered a young, mobile center with tons of upside at a bargain basement price. Unlike Erden, Steamer is 26 and played 4 years of college and professional ball overseas, so it’s doubtful he’ll hit a brick wall mentally or physically. Thank GOD because we all know JO cannot be counted on no matter what he says. Steamer’s timing is excellent and he has the ability to recover and block the shot if he gets beat. Now it’s just a question of him holding his ground on the post.
    If he can stay solid for 10-15 minutes/night it’s going to help KG on those second nights of back-to-backs because he covers so much space allowing KG to do what he does best … disrupt on the defensive end. Steamer and Bass can take some of the pressure off KG for different reasons. Garnett didn’t have the stroke going or even looked for his shot, but he was a factor in crunch time despite Doc inserting him before the 5 minute expiration rule in that 4th quarter. Pedestrian numbers aside, KG played 33 minutes and we finally saw their best scoring line up of Ray/PP/Bass/KG/RR finish the game.

  • One thing Steimsma has done is to expose exactly just how much Chris Wilcox absolutely sucks.
    More beanpole, less Sheed jr, thanks Doc.

  • Steamer showed us more last night…than the always injured Semih Erden has ever shown.

  • It’s only been one game. You can’t reallt tell that he has the goods in just one game. he’s certainly better than O Neal that’s for sure.

  • It's been 6 games
    Scott Witt
    Middlebury College
    443 5515 
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  • I’ve been saying this from the start of training camp, but how was Stiemsma not on an NBA roster before this year, the guy should be making at least 5 mil a year by now