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VIDEO: Cabernet Ray Uncorks Vintage Shooting Performance vs Wizards

It's not supposed to happen this way.  Shooters are supposed to wilt and die a quick NBA death once the legs give out and the jump shot becomes flat.  Ray Allen refuses to accept such a fate and with each passing moment, he truly is like a fine wine: he's getting better with age.  Maybe it's a nice merlot or perhaps it's a meritage blend of his preparation, nutrition, training and mental focus that contributes to his continued success.  Father Time will stay forever undefeated, but Cabernet Ray is giving him quite the battle.

Last season Ray shot a career best 44.4% from behind the arc, while shattering Reggie Miller's all time mark.  After six games, he's currently destroying that as well, drilling 66.1%.  Simply incredible, as was his game saving performance last night when he connected on 6 of 7.  Enjoy the compilation below of all 6 of his bombs.


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  • What’s the earliest they let some schlep with balcony seats get in to a Celtics game at the garden?

  • Loved the 2nd 3. Great design play by DOC

  • I like the ‘talking’ and 1, 2, 3, hand motions to Nick Young he does after that first three.

  • Ray’s wife is preggo again?? What will this make #5 for him?