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Should the Celtics pursue DeMarcus Cousins?

Just a week into the season and the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins are throwing haymakers. Cousins reportedly demanded to be traded during a screaming match with Paul Westphal. The Kings responded by shipping Cousins back to Sacramento before last night’s game in New Orleans.

The situation has cranked up the speculation and rumor mull. CBS blogger Matt Moore was one of the first to throw out a list of teams that should pursue the talented, yet emotionally troubled Cousins.

Before you encourage Danny Ainge to call Kings GM Geoff Petrie, read this:

“He’s selfish,” one source close to the team said of Cousins. “He’s always angry or clowning. He needs to change. The Kings have been great about covering things up for him, and his agent has been protecting him.

“He’s always miserable. He acts like he’s entitled.”

Some players are disillusioned with the constant drain of Cousins’ tantrums, sulking and absence of professionalism. “He’s a bully, and they let him get away with it,” one source said. “No one wants to deal with the guy.”

A veteran team and a tough, veteran coach could benefit Cousins. Maybe slap some sense into him. But he’s a big gamble.

The Celtics have very little to offer Sacramento. Before you even mention Rajon Rondo, remember Tyreke Evans wears a Kings uniform. 

I don’t want any part of this guy. Ten years from now, he’ll likely challenge Derrick Coleman as the biggest waste of talent the NBA has ever seen.

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  • reading this article should put everyone on the same page that we do NOT want him…
    not to mention, what would we give up for him?!

  • The first team JA Adande mentioned in his column today was Boston. Personally, I could see the upside to having him here, but I don’t see the necessary trade pieces. I think Washington would be a destination he’d prefer, as he could rejoin his good friend and former teammate, John Wall.

  • winning cures a lot of things, but he’s a disease that isn’t worth touching

  • We have big greg he has looked good! No DC

  • I`d rather they put coach Paul Westphal in a “time machine”…set it for the mid-1970`s…and he`d be once again playing in the Celtics backcourt.

  • Hard to imagine Danny would not be calling Petrie considering DC’s overall skill set, but I don’t see how Sac deals him away because they’ll never get fair trade value given he’s playing under a rookie contract.
    The same would hold true for Westbrook who’s had problems with Brooks and Durant. Until he becomes restricted OKC won’t entertain offers.
    Sure, in a different environment like ours playing under DOC and with the veterans it’s a no brainer. A DC clone? Maybe he is the second coming of D. Coleman, but you don’t pass on this kind of talent that comes with such a small price tag. Utah and Minny have better trading assess than ours and right now we cannot deal the rookies or Wilcox under league rules.

  • What exactly would the Celtics trade for him? They have nothing. Teams look at Rondo and nothing else.

  • DC is owed roughly 18m over 4 years with a team option in 2013/14, and we don’t have players on the upside in that price range to make the deal work. Sac has a ton of cap space available and would have no interest in JO’s expiring contract. So it would come down to a #1 and AB, JJ and cash. But JJ’s contract cannot be moved for another 60 days and neither JJ or AB have the kind of upside DC has. For example, if Petrie was hell bent on moving him, Utah has the better trade chip in Favors. Both salaries are similar, and DF has a T/O in 2013/14. That would be a more palatable swap.

  • There not going to take it, but i’d offer Avery Bradley, Jajuan Johnson, and our 2 first rounders this year

  • Could have been big things from the Kings this year. To bad demarcus cousins is demanding a trade. maybe he will change his mind and continue playing for the kings. Now that we have Jimmer it could be a special season and a unexpected playoff run for the kings and demarcus cousins.