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Your Morning Dump… The ugly truth behind the Celts D

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Through three games, the Celtics are 27th in Defensive Efficiency, and when you dig deeper it's an ugly 27th. Boston's opponents are shooting 49.6 percent from the floor; only Houston is worse, and the Rockets have only played one game.

They can't defend without fouling, either, as too many opponents are getting the ball at or near the rim and forcing desperate measures from the Boston defense. Celtics' opponents average .494 free throw attempts per field goal attempt through three games; only Dallas and Milwaukee have been worse. Boston fans aren't used to seeing all these whistles, but the simple reason is that opponents are getting the ball in much better positions than before.

Even the Celtics' good stats are bad. Boston opponents have only tried 14 3-pointers per game, the league's fifth-lowest rate. Why bother when it's so easy to get layups and free throws? 

ESPN Insider – Cs problems start with their D

Can the Celtics right the ship with the current personnel, or does Doc Rivers need to shake up the rotation? 

Instead, these past three games shone a spotlight on the failings of the Celtics' supporting cast. I expected Boston would get more out of Jermaine O'Neal this season and that Avery Bradley would step up to be a rotation-worthy player; both those assumptions now appear to have been wildly optimistic. O'Neal has 13 fouls and three blocks to show for his 60 minutes, while his offense has been anemic. The Celtics almost certainly need to make a change here, starting Brandon Bass, getting more run for rookie JaJuan Johnson and limiting O'Neal's minutes to backup center duty.

As for Bradley, his offensive numbers in the D-League last year were cause for concern, and his output for the Celtics has been similarly puny. He has no points and one rebound in three games, and has already lost his rotation spot to rookie second-round pick E'Twaun Moore.

Boston's other moves to fill in the gaps have also fallen short thus far. Marquis Daniels looks like he lost some zip as a result of last season's back injury. Chris Wilcox may help the offense but doesn't defend and is injured. And apologies if I'm taking out the dead horse for another beating, but Sasha Pavlovic is still terrible. Things are so bad that Boston fans have their hopes pinned on Mickael Pietrus to save the day.

Doc's first order of business is to bench Jermaine O'Neal. Who gets the starting nod? Starting Brandon Bass will severly impact the offensive production of the second unit. Greg Stiemsma is raw, but can he really play any worse than JO? I'd plug-in Steimsma and see what happens.

What do Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge see in Sasha Pavlovic? They may be the only two men who think he can play legitimate minutes in the NBA. I know he's been forced into the spotlight because of the Pierce injury, but I question his inclusion on this roster. There had to be somebody better out there.

I don't expect Doc to adjust his rotation until Paul Pierce returns. If the team's defense remains woeful even with the Truth, then Doc needs to pull the trigger on some major moves. 

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On Page 2, the schedule gets a lot softer.

The Celtics' next five games are against Detroit, Washington (back-to-back, home-and-away), New Jersey and Indiana. The only road game is the New Year's night affair in Washington. They should be no worse than 4-4 at that point and really should be 5-3. Even better for the Celtics, after their game against Indiana on Jan. 6, they do not play again until Jan. 11.

That stretch of no games in five days is a veritable mother lode for Rivers and his staff, if for no other reason than it may provide them with their first days of practice since the start of the season. The stretch will (hopefully) give Mickael Pietrus time to integrate with his new team. It will (hopefully) give Paul Pierce time to integrate with his old team. It will (definitely) give those who need a rest some time to actually get some downtime. (Right now, that looks like everyone but JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore.)

Wait, there's more. Starting with Friday's game against Detroit, the Celtics play 19 of their next 25 at home. If they can't right the ship with a favorable stretch like that, a period that includes nine games against Washington, Toronto, Cleveland and (I know they're better, but … ) the Pacers, then everyone should just bookmark Chad Ford's 2012 Mock Draft as your home page and start watching college games. There are some really good games in that stretch as well, all at home (Chicago, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Orlando and the Lakers.)

ESPN Boston – Don't sweat Boston's bad start… yet

Sure, the Celtics immediate schedule is friendly. But payback is looming. Just wait until March and April. 

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  • They can’t play defense without fouls BEING CALLED against them.

  • Three games, a pair of pre season games and little practice time is a small sample, but if JO is unable to stabilize the paint then addressing the 5 will be the first order of business. Garnett needs a mobile partner in order to be that disruptive force and Stiemsma appears to be at least capable of covering ground and protecting the rim … likely just as well as Przbilla, Damiper or Fesenko, which probably explains why we’re not hearing their names mentioned.
    Equally frustrating is they built this team to compete defensively on the perimeter and yet the opposition’s eFG is 53% (rank 28th). They’re simply not getting stops and when that happens it takes away RR in transition.
    Because the roster is not loaded with players who can efficiently create their own shots (PP withstanding), RR is being asked to score instead of doing what he does best … creating shots for his teammates. In a related piece I learned that he’s creating 42% of points/game with his scoring and passing, while last year, when they were on the Nov/Dec tear, he created 40 points/game, but 73% came in the form of assists. We want him staying aggressive and pushing the ball in transition, but he’s more valuable dishing than swishing.
    If they can score more efficiently it allows the defense to set up in the half court, and once PP is added to the equation it will stabilize the second unit. A trio of PP or Ray/Bass or KG/Petrius will spread the floor for RR, alleviating the burden of him being a primary scoring option. Then you can come in with Stiemsma who can run the floor and defend the rim and maybe pick up some garbage baskets along the way. It might also make sense to sit RR at the 5-6 minute mark in the first quarter so he can take advantage of a more athletic line up than what’s presently constituted in the starting five. You have to blame Danny for gambling on Sheed, JO and Shaq instead of finding free agents who can play to RR’s skill set. But at least PP and Petrius coming back gives Doc more of those options and automatically makes the bench deeper.

  • Why should anyone be surprised? Opponents will continue to drive the lane, and do damage in the paint.
    Boston has no center! They cannot rebound. They have no big, bruising, defensive anchor or physical presence in the paint.
    One year ago, they had a still healthy Shaq. They had Perk.
    Today, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!