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How we see it goin’ down: C’s – Pistons

Tip: 7:30pm     Court: TD Garden    Watch it: CSNNE    Hear it: WEEI

Referees: Mike Callahan, Kane Fitzgerald, Karl Lane

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The Matchup

Celtics text logo 

Pistons text logo
Record: 0-3 Record: 0-2    
At Home: 0-0  On road: 0-1
Streak: Lost 3 Streak: Lost 2
    Leaders  Leaders
Buckets: Rondo (22.0 ppg) Buckets: Ben Gordon (19.5 ppg)
Boards: KG (6.7 rpg) Boards: Greg Monroe (7.0 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (10,3 apg) Dimes: Rodney Stuckey (4.5 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks: 
Offensive Rating: 102.7 (16th NBA) Offensive Rating: 95.4 (26th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 113.1 (29th NBA) Defensive Rating: 111.3 (27th NBA)
Pace: 93.8 (10th NBA) Pace: 88.0 (25th NBA)

Last time

Kevin Garnett dropped 23 and 8 as the Celtics beat the Pistons 101-90 in April

This time

Get it to: Ray Allen

The Pistons are getting used to Lawrence Frank's defensive system.  They're also not very good.  So if the Celtics can work the offense a little bit, it won't take long for someone to get lost and for Ray to get open. He's been hot so far, opening the season shooting a blistering 63.2% from 3.  Ride the hot hand in Pierce's absence until it cools off. 

Gotta stop: Their point guards

Toney Douglas scored 19. Norris Cole scored 20. Jarrett Jack scored 21.  Opposing point guards are TORCHING the Celtics.  Kind of odd when you consider we supposedly have one of the best defensive point guards in the league.  Guard penetration is destroying this team right now because it leads to easy points at the basket, openings for other players, and fouls.  If the C's don't keep Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight out of the paint, we're going to see more of the same.  

The Wild Card: Kevin Garnett

He only played 27 minutes in the loss to New Orleans.  He had yesterday off and now he's playing in front of his home crowd.  Kevin Garnett has looked old and slow so far this season.  Now is the time to see if he can ride some TD Garden energy to an aggressive showing offensively.  If he can step up and knock down a few shots early in the game, the Celtics might actually play with a comfortable lead for once.

How we see it goin' down

My optimism has taken a bit of a pounding so far, but I still don't expect the C's to come out and lay an egg in the home opener.  This city and this arena will be pumped to get the Celtics back.  And Kevin Garnett WILL ride that wave when he's out there.  The rookies might get a little too overwhelmed by the moment and play too fast, thus leading to mistakes and some sloppy play, so don't be surprised when that starts happening.  Hell, it might happen to some of the veterans who don't know what to expect in a home opener.  

Still, the Pistons will be the medicine that cures a lot of teams' ills this season.  And tonight, they will be the cure the Celtics are looking for.  Boston wins it… 101-88

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  • There you go again. But it sounds like you’re getting it. You said:
    Opposing point guards are TORCHING the Celtics. Kind of odd when you consider we supposedly have one of the best defensive point guards in the league.
    It is not odd. And you used the word supposedly…finally. The same people who think he is one of the best defensive point guards are the same people who think Dwight Howard is the best defensive player in the league. Yeah, if you only look at the Stats For The Stupid! Blocked shots and steals are not necessarily the signs of good defense. The best stat is your opponent’s shooting percentage and knocking him off his regular per game average. But these are just stats. They don’t really tell you what’s going on. A great defensive player prevents the opposing player from getting to where he wants to go and from shooting the shots he likes to take. You can only OBSERVE that. It will TEND to result in a lower shooting percentage for that player and below-average scoring and it MAY involve steals or blocked shots. A bad shooting percentage for your opponent just may mean that he sucks as a shooter and is missing open shots that you’re giving him. And you may play great defense on a Wade, a Lebron or a Kobe and they’ll still make it on you. On our team, Pierce is a good defender, KG is a good defender, Brandon Bass looks like he could be a good defender. Maybe Stiemsma, but we’ll see. The rest, excluding our point guard, are okay defenders. Our point guard is too busy looking down at his new “kicks” or too arrogant to think that his opponent is worth his time to be worried about where his man is. As a result, every opposing point guard under the sun is getting to the hoop and getting open shots. The only person he consistently plays good defense on, as weird as it may seem, is Lebron. Probably because his arrogance is overshadowed by the challenge of guarding Lebron. If he actually WAS one of the best defensive point guards, we would have Chris Paul right now. And if he was one of the best defenders, could keep up the free throw shooting and perimeter game he showed against the Knicks and keep up with finishing his drives to the basket (except for the pathetic air ball break away against the Hornets), we would all love him and, one day, he would have his number in the rafters. But I doubt it. Let’s hope we can beat the Pistons.