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Taking Stock: C’s-Hornets

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

BuyNo One:  You think I'm buying anyone after that pile of crap?  Oh, wait…..

Greg Stiemsma:  The kid came in, blocked 6 shots and grabbed 4 rebounds  in 20 minutes.  He looked fast and athletic out there, getting to shots that I thought he'd never get to.  Of course, it's getting easier to look fast and athletic around some of these guys on our team. 

SellJermaine O'Neal:  He's probably got 15 minutes worth of decent play in those legs.  Any more than that and we're asking for trouble. 

Kevin Garnett:  I was going to wait until Paul Pierce came back but I can't.  No player in the world will give KG his legs back.  He's got no lift and no quickness.  Garnett is a straight up jump shooter and his only post move is a turnaround fadeaway.

HoldRajon Rondo:  He had a bored nonchalantness to his game last night.  He was faking for faking's sake and passing up the layups he took the first two games of the season.  If he's REALLY going to be the leader on this team, then he's got to bring it in games like this.  

Brandon Bass:  Somewhere in the second quarter of last night's game, Bass morphed back into Glen Davis.  He took 6 shots inside of 15 feet.  He took 7 between 16-23… and he only hit two of those.  His early aggression gave way to jump shot after jump shot.  That can't continue.

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  • No hold?

  • Hold :
    Sacramento`s second round pick in the 2017 Draft, which Danny obtained in the Marquis Daniel`s trade last Feb.
    This still unknown 12 year old kid has “greatness” written all over him!

  • I think the 2nd “sell” was supposed to be a hold, or at least I hope so! Rondo is not our problem, nor is Brandon Bass. They are both being asked to do too much with PP and Wilcox out, and Garnett somewhat ineffective.
    Keyon is playing surprisingly well, as long as you don’t count his passing deficiency. Ray has been borderline spectacular.
    I’m not sure what to do about JO. He can still give us some solid D for 15 min a game. Stiemsma can give us 20-25 and Wilcox/Garnett can fill in the balance of the minutes at the 5 spot.

  • Give me a break. Rondo is asked to do a lot BECAUSE HE IS OUR BEST PLAYER. If he wants to not be our best player, fine, then he should at least shut down his man defensively.

  • I figured as much. Just thought I would bring it some attention.

  • Just reading Westbrook and Durant arguing and had to be separated. Well now is the time for Danny to do a trade Rajon to OKC. I’d take Westbrook. We need offense and Rajon well he should be excited to be back with his buddy Perk. All around everyone should be happy. Like something has to happen w this team and SOON.

  • sell the season and rebuild before its too late

  • I’ve been a big fan of Rondo and a big defender, but I want to see him gone now.

  • Dude you can’t be serious, can you imagine what the celtics offense’s gonna look like without rondo? Even with Pierce back, the only effective weapon then is PP iso.
    Hello? Remember on-ball pressure rondo puts on the other team’s ball handler. Cleveland series, ring a bell? Rondo just had 5 steals against New York. He can disrupt the other team’s offensive cohesion few other pgs can.
    You want him gone after he put the team on his shoulders for two games in a roll and had a bad game last night? c’mon be rational

  • Sorry… the second “sell” was supposed to be a “hold”. It’s been fixed.

  • Listen C’s fans, i love KG… Lord knows i do… But i have to be honest, that dude need to hang it up… FATHER time has long called his name, he’s slow, he’s ineffective, & that defense we always depended on? we’ve lost that too… teams are going right through the teeth of our defense night in & night out.. teams are not scared to take it to KG, he has no lift to dunk, or block a shot, he has had an atrocious start to the season, & i really hope it changes, but right now… sell him with no hesitation… really hope i’m wrong… we’ll see!