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Enemy Chatter: Jarrett Jack schooled Rajon Rondo

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from New Orleans.

Jarrett Jack absolutely schooled Rajon Rondo offensively; Rondo had no chance of staying in front of Jack on a number of possessions curiously, and Jack got into the paint at will. Jack's go to moves are the right hand to left hand crossover and the flat footed runner. Sound familiar? (other than the flat footed part?) Jack's a league average guard who has the ability to play much, much better than that on occasion, and this won't be the last time we see him play this well.

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We've seen this type of matador defense from Rondo in the past. It's a maddening aspect to his game. There isn't a player in this league Rajon can't stay in front of, if he's playing hard and focused.

I'm willing to cut him some slack last night. He played 40+ minutes in each of the last two games. A three games in four night stretch can be tough, even for a 25-year-old. 

On Page 2, not-so-kind words for Tommy Heinsohn.

– Tommy Heinsohn is a flaming imbecile.

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But he's our flaming imbecile!

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  • In three games, Rondo has been torched by three virtually nameless point guards. He ought to be ashamed. At least in the first two games he did LOADS of positive stuff and virtually carried the team. Last night? Last night he did pretty much nothing except decorate Jarrett Jack’s all world performance.

  • westbrook for rondo on the horizon?

  • RR was offered for Westbrook, but OKC reportedly turn the deal down. But if Westbrook and Durant have more dust ups like they did last night those rumors will surface again. I would imagine PERK would work hard behind the scenes to make it so. I hope this does not happen because I love RR, but a mid season trade would have to bring back more than just Westbrook because the contracts. Therefore the Celts would stand to gain another good Thunder player. All things considered I’d stay put with RR unless they’re teetering on the brink of the 7th or 8th seed. Then it’s probably time to blow the whole thing up anyway.

  • You guys actually said:
    Without Gordon’s scoring punch, look for a sloppy game as the Hornets should be a little direction-less. Look for Rondo to take advantage on defense and get in passing lanes. 
    I’ll give him credit, he played great in Game 1 against the Knicks but, by game 3, the real Rondo returns. If one of you guys writes about how he’s made All-defense for the last 3 years, I think I may explode. He plays lazy, sloppy defense. He drops off his man and then thinks he can catch up. You can’t do this in the NBA. Ask Derek Fisher, who’s just too damn slow. Rondo has no excuse other than laziness, stupidity, arrogance or all of the above. He routinely gets torched by the Jacks of this world because his defense stinks. Steals are often the sign of a bad defensive player. Especially when they’re hooks from behind instead of filling the passing lanes. But let’s give the entire team credit for rolling over on defense last night! And let’s not forget the boards. I’m 6 feet tall, 59 years old and have two previously torn Achilles tendons and I could outrebound any of these guys. We need Big Bill back. At 78, he could still out rebound these pathetic punks with their shoes nailed to the floor!

  • You’re joking about Westbrook, right? The guy went 0-13 last night with 4 turnovers. This season, Rondo is averaging more points & assists with a higher shooting percentage.
    Westbrook has a MUCH higher usage rate… which all shows he’s a gunner. Westbrook is athletic, exciting, and pretty good… but we can’t think his faults are any better than Rondo’s

  • this isn’t anything new. westbrook and durant were jawing during last yr’s playoff’s. obviously it’s durants team and he’s their gm too.. i’m not sure the trade helps boston? danny just seems destined to ridding rondo’s snotty attitude.

  • Starting to believe Rajon’s bored nonchalont attitude is just an act to hide the fact that he knows he is being schooled by other pt guard and looking to establish an excuse for his poor play.

  • Rondo is unquestionably a top five PG. His contract is a bargain and there’s no need to move him. Russell Westbrook would not fix our team woes this year, and he’d eat up too much cap space in the future.
    With CP3 now off the market and D-Rose locked up for years, only Deron Williams could be considered. He will command significantly more money and is not enough of an upgrade to justify it. Even if we had the opportunity today to trade Rondo and JO for D-Will, I’d probably be against it.
    With Pierce healthy, we’d probably be 2-1 or 3-0 right now. Rondo would be able to focus more on D rather than having to do it all at both ends. Yes, he at times looked apathetic and Jack got in the lane a ton. To some extent, Jack flicked up ugly floaters that happened to go in. Cole mostly knocked down jumpers.
    Where’s the love for Rondo’s improved jumper and FT’s??