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Recap: Hornets take a steamy dump all over the Cs


The Celtics were out-played, out-muscled and out-hustled tonight by the New Orleans Hornets.

With this being the 3rd road game in 4 nights, I expected the Celtics to play lethargic and sloppy. But I did not expect them to be dominated. 

It's terrifying to think we may see more efforts like this one. I'm not prepared to jump to any conclusions about the season, but I'm scared. 

Jermaine O'Neal (2 points, 1-6 FG, 6 rebounds) is decomposing before our very eyes. He's incapable of scoring no matter how close he's to the rim. I'm not kidding when I say Greg Stiemsma (6 blocks, 4 rebounds) should be this team's starting center.  

I don't want to discuss Kevin Garnett (8 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists). It hurts too much. 

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"We looked old tonight…" – Doc Rivers

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  • Wasn’t rocket-science tonight. Too-many easy buckets in the paint for NOLA, sloppy turnovers for C’s, missing layups, yada-yada-yada. Their won’t be time to wallow this season. They’ve got 1 day to rest, get yelled-at by Doc, hopefully get Paul back and get a “W” on Friday. Last time they started-off 0-3? 2006-07 B.G.A. (before Garnett & Allen) As morbid as it sounds, I’m looking forward to postgame quotes tonight-should be interesting.

  • You know they’re a tired team when Rondo has no spark. But still… they should have at least been competitive.

  • Brutal! How many back to backs do we have this year? That was effing painful. Pierce better have his A game when he returns but you can’t even say he would have made a difference tonite. Is it too late for KG to retire at the end of last year and we can all act like tonite never happened? JO has looked like crap in all 3 games, it’s like he’s a step behind everyone else out there. This is going to be a long season for the old guys. Tommy keeps going on and on about 3 games in 4 nights but thats what this year is. Too early for full blown panic panic but definitly not too early for concern.
    Note to Quisy: lose any shot in your arsenal that is outside of the paint.

  • This is gonna be a painful season to watch.. PP back will get things a little bit better, but not that much.
    We are way too old: if JO is decomposing before our very eyes, KG and Ray don’t look any better..

  • This was the first of Twenty {20} back-to-backs.
    You read that right…20!
    Here`s the real killer stretch :
    April 4-18 {11 games in those 2 weeks}

  • pls trade kg and ray to a desperate playoff team

  • I think we’re all a bit shell-shocked after watching KG get his shot blocked twice in one game. I dont think I’ve ever seen that happen to him.

  • Not for nothing, but this was supposed to be a Jeff Green game. He was the guy we were counting on, to be the 3rd shot creator behind Rondo (creating shots for others) and Pierce (creating his own shot)
    The thing that worries me is how bad KG looked. no way to get around that one

  • btw if a team will give you ANYTHING for Avery Bradley than take it, he is terrible.

  • SLAM! Did you hear that, I think it was a window closing.

  • Doc says Moore is ahead of Bradley on the depth chart. Sweet. Nice wiff on another pick Danny.
    And why the surprise at Jermaine? He’s sucked for years now. Starting Stiemsma is the only move.

  • Lex

    the long, hard slog continues