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Doc: Pierce likely out tonight

It looks like we're going to have more of Sasha Pavlovic in the starting lineup.

Look, he checked Carmelo Anthony on Sunday and Melo only scored………. ummmm…. wait. 

Well, at least it's Miami, and at the small forward spot they only have……… uhhhhhhh… crap. 

Well, at least the Lakers are 0-2.  

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  • Looks like we’re going to join the Lakers in the winless column. Oy.

  • We can beat Miami, however it’s going to be tough without Paul. The defense will have to be on-point. They really need to win one of these next 2, but tomorrow will be 2nd night of a back-to-back on the road. Would hate to start out 0-3. It’s going to be an interesting season..

  • im okay tanking this season for a top 5 pick and trading kg and ray for picks

  • Their next 6 …
    @ New Orleans/ Detroit/ @ Washington/ Washington / New Jersey/ Indy on the 06
    No reason why they cannot sweep the board here with the Pacers being the toughest competition. Then they’re off until the 11th and play the Mavs and Bulls.
    Better to be as sure you can with PP because if he plays too early the injury could resurface (as it did with RR’s plantar fasciitis) and just set him back even further.
    I really wish they would just stop towing this ‘day to day’ stuff and shut him down until the Indy game on the 6th or the Mavs on the 11th.

  • Agreed Perry. No sense in rushing him back to win a game or 2 now and then losing him for a month or longer due to it becoming worse.

  • NYK plays 10 games in 16 days starting tomorrow, so it's a grind for everyone. The Bulls lost last night too, so maybe with the exception of Miami and OKC we might see a lot upsets for the first few weeks. Good opportunity for Petris to show his stuff. We need his offense big time.

  • Let Sasha shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!! quit freezing him out he not Larry Hughes. but there is no D in Sasha. “My defense is my offense.” Sasha P.

  • don’t we have the option of signing KG and Ray next season for substantially less and using the savings on a prime FA or two?