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Your Morning Dump… Paul Pierce wants us to Google bone bruise


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Pierce suffered the injury during a workout a few days before the hasty opening to training camp. He directed reporters to Google “bone bruises in the heel” to learn the timetable range for a return.

“It can be anywhere between three days, a week, three months depending on the amount of pain in there,” he said. “But I don’t see it being a month or two. Right now, I’m day to day. That’s the reason I came on the trip.”

“It’s been improving week by week. With regular bruises, it may be a couple of days. But when you’re dealing with a bone bruise on a place where I have to walk every day and apply pressure to it, maybe it slows down the healing process.”

Pierce has been out shooting after practice. His movements don’t appear flawed.

“I have no problem with the cutting movements, shooting,” he said. “I haven’t tried to run up and down yet full-court. That’s where I set myself back the first week of training camp. I was going up and down the court, and I landed hard on it. I just want to be more cautious.”

Herald - Watching the Truth hurt more

This injury has me scared sh-t. Two weeks of rest and Paul Pierce is still unable to run full court?

We witnessed just how important Pierce is to this team. Not only does he often guard the opposing team's best player, but he's the best Celtic at creating his own shot.

Don't expect any help from Mickael Pietrus until Friday.

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On Page 2, this is the Rondo we want.

“This is the Rondo we want,” Rivers said. “This is what we talked about last year — getting to the free throw line, taking the shots when they’re open. I thought he was the aggressor in the game.

“So, yeah, this is what we (want). I don’t know if you can do that every night, but overall that’s the Rondo we want. It’s terrific.”

“It wasn’t design, just how the game went,” Rondo said. “I started off trying to get us in transition and get us some easy looks, get to the line, get us in the penalty early.”

The free throws were, however, part of a plan.

“I’m going to try to get to the line a lot more,” he said. “Some calls went my way early on, so I’ve just got to stay aggressive.”

Herald – Rajon Rondo dead-on as Paul bearer

If I was handing out grades, Rajon Rondo would get an A. The only negative to yesterday's performance was his lack of scoring in the 4th quarter, when Rondo had just two of his 31 points. While Rondo said he was trying to get his teammates involved, he must keep the "attack" mentality for 48 minutes. 

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  • That wasn’t just an A performance by Rondo. It was a level of all-around brilliance, going way beyond the stats, that is rarely seen even on the NBA level. I do agree with the criticism that even though he did a great job of facilitating, the problem is when that becomes deference, as it did in the 4th quarter. Rondo is The Man now, Pierce or no Pierce. The key now is to balance attacking with facilitating, ESPECIALLY in the 4th quarter.
    Also, Rondo’s man scored 20. Like Bird, Rondo excels at a wandering approach to team defense, but he needs to attend to his man a bit more.
    But man, that wasn’t just A level basketball. It was something beyond that. The round-table guys were gushing over Rondo’s game. They see what so many of us fans don’t – that he’s operating on multiple levels like no other player, when he’s focused and aggressive.

  • I don’t find any solace in moral victories, but without PP we seemed to have awoken from that mid morning slumber in the first quarter and started playing the kind of basketball we’ve seen in the past with some new wrinkles …
    1-The old … KG is still a monster blitzing those screens, but only converted one shot of four shots in the painted area.
    2-The new … Bass has a tenacity to finish around the rim (something JO can no longer do) and could play center when Doc decides to play small ball with a combination of shooters (Ray/Petris/PP) who can space the floor for RR.
    3-The old … At 36, Ray Allen is still … Ray Allen.
    4-The new … Rondo understands he’ll be counted to score and create shots off the dribble this year (8-10 at the rim, 3 for 5 16-22ft). Masterful!!!
    But, RR still shy’s away from shooting in crunch time (only two 4th quarter attempts) and as we’ve witnessed over the past few seasons, in big games, the offense comes to a grinding halt in the 4th quarter. Yes he put up incredible numbers, but when the game comes down to a half court battle his inability, or reluctance, to shoot allows defenses’ to sag and clog the paint. No easy points and far less 3 pt attempts (only 5) are mitigating factors as to why they lost.
    Last week a few podcasts we’re all the rave over Quis, and while he can do a bunch of things that won’t show up in a box score to help win games he is not Harden or Jason Terry. If that were so he would have nailed that 3 ball late in the game. This team’s bug-a-boo is not a lack of size. Rather they need more offense, more 3 point shooting, and someone other than PP who can finish off the dribble. Petris will help, but he’s not a creator off the dribble.
    In order to attract a player with that skill set off a buyout, or perhaps one of the China guys, we’ll have to keeping winning and stay in the mix as a top tier contender. Otherwise J. R. Smith or Wilson Chandler or KMART or another teams’ trade asset will see no reason to sign a vet. minimum contract with an aging team that possess a ton of outgoing contracts. In my opinion this team cannot play with the intentions of finishing any lower than a 4 seed. That doesn’t mean you rush PP back, but it might mean pushing KG’s minutes a bit longer (37 mins yesterday) to win games. Otherwise they will find themselves in the middle of the pack with Indy and Philly, which will hamper their ability to lure the type of player who can keep Miami and Chicago’s defenses’ honest.

  • Thank guys I won 5 bucks last night at thank you for posting that free roll. As for the game rondo great KG solid bass out his mind good he does things BBD can’t do. We have no back up point guard or 2 as I feared. Sasha did he even get a shot? He can shoot it’s like they froze him out. Ray was ray JO played well. Q didn’t play as bad as people think. Wilcox well ok I can live with that. We have NO back up guards. Oh yeah the refs sucked.

  • This is where Jeff Green being out murders this team. Get ready for a parade of layups and free throws from Lebron on tuesday being guarded Marquis Pavlovic Pietrus.