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Video: Garnett and Bill Walker get into it after the game

RedsArmyAdmin December 25, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

This will probably cost both guys some money, but I don't think there'll be a suspension. 

(A) KG's got to keep a cooler head.  I know he's pissed he just missed a game-tying jumper… but you can't risk a suspension… especially with Pierce being hurt.

(B) Look at Bill Walker's little bitch move.  He puts his hands up and backs away until someone grabs him… then he acts all tough like he wants to get at KG.  I have no respect for that move at all.  If you're going to back away, then just back away.  Don't back up then act tough when there are no consequences. 

(C) Billy needs a new barber.  He got some bad advice, there.  Unless he's doing a cameo as Theo Huxtable's classmate on the Cosby show.  In which case, I'd like to purchase his time machine technology.

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