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Recap: Joe Crawford gives Knicks one helluva Christmas present


The Knicks beat the Celtics in the season opener, 106-104, thanks to… the legendary Joey Crawford.

The referee who never met a spotlight he didn't love interjected himself into this game with two questionable technical foul calls and an absurd call on Marquis Daniels that led to two Carmelo Anthony free throws – two points that decided the game.

The players union should have demanded the league replace its egomaniacal officials as part of the CBA.

Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 37 points and 8 rebounds. He single-handledly led the Knicks back in the 4th quarter. Sasha Pavlovic offered very little resistance on defense. Same goes for Quisy.

Rajon Rondo (31 points, 13 assists) was spectacular. He torched NY for uncontested lay-up after uncontested lay-up during the Celtics 3rd quarter rally.

Glen Davis who? Brandon Bass had 20 points, 11 rebounds in 28 minutes. 

The Celtics really missed Paul Pierce in the final two minutes. Not only could they have used his defense, but Pierce would have prevent the offense from falling stagnant. The Celtics looked tentative as the Knicks kept switching on the Rondo/KG pick-and-roll in the final two minutes. 

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  • Quis isn’t the guy we want guarding Melo. He’s 3 inches too short and 40 lbs. too light. Just wasn’t a good matchup.
    But that was a clean poke by Quis and a flop by Melo. A very bad call from Joey Crawford.

  • They still shoulda won. Rondo had a great game, as did Bass. Nice job by KG of keeping it classy on Christmas day, I would suspect he’ll miss the Miami game now. He also shoulda gone to the rack instead of pulling up on that last play, at the very least he woulda have been fouled.
    Joey C is a dick but what’s up with Quisy shooting a 3 near the end- out of a timeout?

  • All in All that was an encouraging game to see… i mean we hung in there without Pierce, & Green, & with SP11 starting, so good sign for when Pierce gets back… rooting for a Mavs, Lakers, & Thunder win to start the Heat, Bulls, & Magic off at 0-1 too… Go Celtics

  • that call on pavlovic was bs too
    good to see rondo shooting well though. he got a ton of easy layups due to poor defense so i don’t seem him scoring that much against a legitimate defense, but his j is definitely much improved. and how about that brandon bass..

  • bill walkers a punk

  • Crawford was in midseason form, but he didn’t lose that game. The Pavlovic/Daniels poop sandwich did. They offered no defensive resistance and little on offense. I was laughing at the homers on this board who talked up Pavlovic. They seem to forget Pierce routinely abusing him year after year when he was in Cleveland.
    Anyways, Rondo showed why I love him and why the Celtics would be stupid to trade him. The kid was the best player on the floor and busted his butt getting them 2 posessions in the final 5 seconds.

  • Really, no mention of Walker being a frontrunner and poor winner at the end? Ok, brah. I guess you’re cool with the 12 man on the Knicks trying to clown a Hall of Famer.

  • “You guys are soft out there. SOFT, SOFT, SOFT. You’re never going to win basketball games playing like that.” -Doc Rivers. Man that was fantastic-things really turned-around after that. But Ray got going too late and there was some very poor defense at times. But how about Brandon “Anti-Baby” Bass? I expect big things from him. Going to be another tough-one coming-up in Miami. We will need Paul and I hope he’s ready. Merry Christmas Red’s Army readers.

  • You taking a shot at me… the guy who took time to write this post on Christmas?

  • Came by to see if this blog had anything new and possibly basketball related to say about today’s loss. Sad to see that right out of the gate you go straight back to blaming refs. What a huge (but not entirely unexpected) disappointment. What a complete lack of respect for real basketball fans.
    Have fun complaining about anything other than your team’s shortcomings. I won’t be back. And by the looks of it, neither will the Celtics of old. Oops, is that word a sensitive topic in these part? Maybe that too is the refs fault.

  • Gangfanger – Doc was also critical of the officiating.
    It’s obvious you are not a regular reader. I criticize this team whenever its warranted, to the point where some people call me cynical.