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Your Morning Dump…. Where Jermaine O’Neal knows what he’s doing

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“Last year, I was kind of behind the gun,” O’Neal said. “I ended up getting hurt in the second or third day of training camp. I ended up missing some of the schemes they were putting me in and I never really caught up. I had to deal with trying to catch up and trying to physically get healthy. That’s tough, whereas now I feel healthy, I feel strong, I feel like I know what I’m doing, which is key. In any professional sports, if you don’t know the system, you’re in trouble.

WEEI:  Jermaine O'Neal: Now I feel like I know what I'm doing

The news on Jermaine has been nothing but positive so far.  Of course, with Jermaine some sort of qualifier like "so far" is necessary.  We all know how likely he is to get hurt and how almost no one expects him to finish the season having played a majority of games.  

But, he says he feels strong.  And he's playing well now.  We know not to expect a ton out of the guy but if the Celtics get what they're getting now out of him, then we'll be in great shape.  

On Page 2:  Sasha Pavlovic swears he can guard Carmelo Anthony

“I feel more comfortable now. I feel like I’ve got a lot of confidence and my teammates trust in me, and I’m just going to get out there and help whatever way I can to win games.”

Rivers has spoken well of Pavlovic’s defense (“He can really defend, and I think the more comfortable he gets the better.”), and that skill will certainly be tested when he goes against New York’s Carmelo Anthony.

“I’ve guarded him before, and I feel comfortable,” Pavlovic said. “I know I’m going to get out there and play as hard as I can and make him take tough shots and help the team win.”

Herald: Pavlovic no dog on D

Let's just file this under:  I'll believe it when I see it.  If Pavlovic CAN guard Melo at all, then this will be an easy win for Boston.

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