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Wow… someone hates Paul Pierce

ESPN put together a little Celtics-Knicks preview…. and I'm guess David Thorpe of Scouts, Inc doesn't like Paul Pierce very much. 

Follow the link for the whole preview.  I'm just going to highlight David Thorpe's answers.

2. Who do you want leading your team: Carmelo Anthony or Paul Pierce?

David Thorpe, Scouts Inc.: Neither. Melo is simply not a leader, and Pierce is both long in the tooth and not someone locked in all year 'round to earn my captaincy anymore. 

4. Make one bold prediction for either the Celtics or Knicks.

David Thorpe, Scouts Inc.: Bold prediction: Paul Pierce will suffer the worst season of his career, unless he gets traded to a contender. Seems strange seeing that Boston looks like a contender on paper, I know. But I don't think the Celtics are legit, and Pierce's motivation will suffer. A Pierce that is not properly motivated is not a pretty sight.     

Paul Pierce is coming off one of his best seasons yet.  And this notion that Pierce is going to bail on this team this year is one of the most asinine notions I've heard.  

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  • this guy was plain ignorant, he gave the Celtics hell the whole way through, but he really went over the edge on the Bold prediction, he should have his licence taken up for this, he clearly cannot analyze… & extremely biased, plus, who is this guy? David Thorpe? & what NBA game has he ever played in or coached? hell basketball period. ugh, that guy made me mad… & i can’t wait till Paul Pierce shut him up!!!

  • One-word: idiot.

  • Pierce is beyond reproach…he`s the best thing to happen to the Celtics since Bird.
    As for the current Celtics, they needed a significant “talent infusion” to legitimately compete this year. Danny tried hard to do just that, but it wasn`t meant to be. Then came the Jeff Green health issue.
    Ainge will be loaded for bear next summer!