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Sasha Pavlovic will probably start Sunday

RedsArmyAdmin December 23, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Sasha Pavlovic will probably start Sunday

Have a seat.  Grab a drink.  Relax. 

How you feeling?  Good?  Good.  You look good.  

Is that a new sweater?  It really looks nice on you.  Probably because you've been working out.

Oh, hey, you know that thing we're doing on Sunday?  The Celtics thing?  Yeah… about that… it's going to involve a lot more Sasha Pavolovic than we thought.

"Most likely," Rivers said Friday when asked whether Pavlovic will start in lieu of Pierce. "We've [run him with the starters] this week so he can get a feel. We could change our mind on that one, but I would say most likely." 

No no no no no… it's not what you think!!  

Previously, Rivers had discussed the possibility of giving Marquis Daniels the Sunday start if Pierce can't go, but on Friday he expressed a desire to keep Daniels with the team's second unit. 

"I would love to keep the second unit intact, as much as I can," Rivers said. "I think they feel each other, and I think Marquis really helps, especially if we go with a 5-man second unit. I don't know if we'll do it or not, but it just really helps the team." 

Marquis is the better player.  But I guess if you can keep him on that second unit and put him up against a horrible Knicks bench, then that makes sense.  

You remember when Doc used to start Brian Scalabrine when Kevin Garnett got hurt?  Yeah, this is kinda like that.

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