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Pierce may come off the bench on Christmas

This could actually work to the C's advantage.  Paul Pierce is the only guy other than Rondo who can create his own shot.  

Y'know…. maybe this "Pierce off the bench" thing could…..

…. nah… nevermind.

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  • hmmmmm, i kinda (really) like the idea of pierce coming off the bench

  • They’re only doing-it to see how his foot/heel reacts. No way he is a bench player, unless we acquire another all-star 2 guard or small forward.

  • Pierce is not that old. Highest FG% of his career last year. All those dunks he put on people, too. Still can score in more ways than anyone else in this league. Speed and hops were never his game, so one would expect his game to only slowly decline (if that’s even eminent) not fall off a cliff. All, please be smart enough to completely ignore all the lazy media headlines of “age, decline, etc.” not just for Pierce, but most of the Cs. KG’s was quite lively last year. No one’s in better shape than Ray. Rondo gets beat up, but always still laces up. Yeah, JO needs to prove it (Quisy, too), but by all accounts, the surgery really helped him and he’s looking and feeling great (we shall see).
    Point is, “they’re all decrepit” is a weak storyline.
    Bottom line. Pierce is still an All-Star level player. Him coming off the bench in a couple years? Maybe. This year? Asinine.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Phoenix just waived Pietrus…. Danny needs 2 be paying attention here and go after him. Waive Sasha and sign Pietrus now DANNY!!