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Myth vs. Reality: Rondo’s jumper looks smoother

Last night, a few people on Twitter (myself included) were commenting that Rajon Rondo's jump shot looked a little smoother.  That the release looked a little more fluid.  

So we compiled the jumper Rondo took last night into a little video. The shot does look pretty fluid.  He's taking the shots confidently and there doesn't seem to be a hitch anywhere in the release.  How does that compare to past jumpers?


This is Rondo last year against New Orleans. I can't say the jumper looks all that different.  In some, there is a slight hitch right at the top of his release.  But if you look at the first jumper from last night and the first jumper in the N.O. video… they look very similar.  

Then, you may say, the second and third jumpers from last night look a lot smoother, look at this one from the Knicks game last year:


That looked pretty smooth too.

So it looks like the notion that Rondo's jumper looks smoother is a bit of myth.  In speaking with Jay (MrTrpleDouble10, our video guru) about the videos, the one thing he says he noticed last night as compared to the past was less hesitation when taking the jumper.  

Last night, Rondo stepped into shots and was taking them with more confidence.  And when you've got confidence in your shot, it does flow more smoothly.  When you don't, and you start thinking about it, your form can develop hiccups. 

Rondo's form seems pretty similar to what it's been in the past.  But if his confidence in taking the shot is there and he is comfortable taking the shots, it may go a long way towards making the shot at least a threat for him.  And that's all Rondo needs, really.  He doesn't need to be automatic from 18 feet.  He just needs to make enough for teams to stop sagging off him so much.  

We'll see if the early success with the jumper feeds that confidence, or if he'll revert to the old form.

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  • you know what I notice?
    That we have an athletic bench and not Nenad Krystic.

  • Ha. You were too generous with vowels for Krstic.

  • Yep, that jumper is much smoother, and that probably has much to do with his level of confidence. After watching that first Hornets hoop where Rajon seems to be shooting while he’s still going up, last night’s video shows him releasing at his apex. Good stuff.

  • Seriously, though, I wouldn’t expect the form to vary much at all, though I do notice the slightest improvements. Thing is, at this point in his life, in his career, he’s not going to completely rebuild his form (I never understood how Tiger decided to take two years of his prime to change his swing, but I digress). There are ugly/unconventional golf swings (Furyk), batting stances (Craig Counsell) and yes shooting strokes (Noah) with which athletes perform perfectly well.
    Anyway, point is, he’s more or less stuck with what he’s used to, he just has to hone it. Even if his form isn’t ideal, he can still practice it until it’s as sharp, repeatable and consistent as humanly possible. Two offseasons ago, it didn’t look like he made any effort to come back with an improved jumper. Last season, it didn’t really look improved, but it did seem he made an effort. And hey, maybe it takes more than just a couple months of practice in a gym. Maybe turning a weakness into a strength at the NBA level isn’t as easy as some of us (me included) think it should be for these world class athletes. Maybe last season pulling it out and one more (long) offseason to focus on it is what was needed to make a big step forward. Maybe.

  • You are such a smartass, aren’t you? Yes, the shot looked considerably smoother last night, and the examples you cite bear that out if anything, and it clearly had to do with more than just confidence. Will it stay that way? We have 66 games to find out. You do say one smart thing: that we don’t need Rondo to be a league top scorer, though that would be great. We just need him to turn up the scoring dial a little.
    If his jumper really is better, Rondo will surely do that, at least.
    What I find interesting is that I seem to recall from summer highlights that Rondo’s elbow-shot motion was worse than ever this summer. At the time I wondered if he was faking a little bit just to throw people off. I hope so. Calipari said he was working hard, and one hoped it was on his shooting.