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Enemy Chatter: Tommy Heinsohn is unlistenable


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Toronto.

Caught the better part of this one on a stream which had Tommy Heinsohn mouthing off randomly. The man is the greatest example of why strokes should be taken seriously and not ignored. Clearly he’s suffered many in his years and its affected his reasoning on topics ranging from basketball to talking without spitting. In fact, I’m pretty sure he had one in the third quarter when a Raptors played picked up a charge on a 50-50 call.

Briefly on this game, it wasn’t pretty from the start and it didn’t get much better. The Raptors’ effort was again great, unfortunately, the Celtics treated this one as close to a real game in the first half and that included playing great defense.

Raptors Republic

I find Tommy’s homerism and rants amusing, but I completely understand how fans of opposing teams could find him “unlistenable.”

Some of the commenters on this Raptors blog ripped Tommy for his belief that DeMar DeRozan taunted Avery Bradley by stepping over him after a foul. Except for initially saying DeRozan stepped on Bradley, Tommy was right on.

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  • When this reporter spends as much time as Tommy has with one team and has won 10 NBA championships with them, then I will listen to what this Toronto reporter has to say over Tommy.

  • Ah, very nice. Raptors Republic keeping it very classy with the stroke comments.
    And for all the talk of him going senile (I’ve said it myself and I can see why others would), several times a game he’ll drop a nugget that makes you go: Damn, this guy really knows his stuff. He’s a HOFer for a reason and he’s still competent enough to pick up on little things that I won’t even notice myself on occasion.
    And plus, dude has been a Celtic for over 50 years! I’d probably be super biased towards them, too.

  • The entire idea of “homerism” as a negative aspect of sports fandom is fucking retarded. It’s like a huge collection of directionless, frat-douche, sports betting fiends who come from places where no professional sports franchises would ever set up shop decided to outlaw the idea of rooting for your home team (or the team who pays your fucking salary).
    Calling Tommy Heinshon or anyone at CSNNE a “Homer” is no different than calling Paul Pierce a “homer” for rooting for his own team to win. They’re on the Celtics Payroll for Christ’s sake!!!
    If I want bland, synthetic, sterilized for my protection commentary on sports that involves no passion or pride, I’ll turn on ESPN. Or better yet, I’ll open a copy of USA Today.
    Impartiality and feigned indifference to the outcome of the game has taken every ounce of passion out of rooting for the game, in almost every sport. It’s sad. Being a sports fan in 2011 has become nothing more than being a stat citing, fantasy league fapping, individualistic one-upsmanship contest. It’s liek you have to be a sports statistic equivalent of a Dungeons and Dragons nerd to be considered a “knowledgable” sports fan.
    Pathetic. Also – Canada fucking sucks in every aspect of everything they do.

  • Bingo. They are on the payroll, and are broadcasting the game to a local audience… that’s why he’s not on national broadcasts. Nor is Remy. Nor are other local color guys. And Tommy has more experience in his pinkie than most writers have had in their time on earth. He is absolutely a homer, Gorman is getting better at reigning him in while on air and I think most people love the back and forth.
    One of the benefits of the lockout was the ability to watch some of those Celtics classics games. Watching Tommy play, listening to him cover it with Satch was just awesome.

  • Canada! You’ve got alot of nerve….You had Jay Triano on your bench for several years…..”Mr Basketball in Canada” couldn’t even make the playoffs. How about shutting up and we’ll let you keep your few remaining hockey teams.
    Tommy is a homer, all local color guys are or they wont have a job for long.

  • If you`re not a Celtic fan…you shouldn`t be listening to Tommy in the first place.