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Report: Celtics still looking to move Rajon Rondo

CSNNE's Donny Marshall says the Celtics have not closed the door on trading Rajon Rondo this season. 

Here's what was said on Celtics Pregame Live:

Donny Marshall: I don't think it's off the radar yet to say Rondo is going to be with this team for the entire season. I spoke with an agent earlier in the week who said this thing is still hot. To have people pay attention to Rondo's temperment, to see how he goes and plays, to see if he leaves it all out there….

They're still talking about this, about maybe moving Rondo somewhere out west… in a warm spot.

Gary Tanguay: Have we anticipated the location?

Donny Marshall: I think a lot of people would be surprised.

Is it surprising that the Celtics are still entertaining offers or proposing trades involving Rajon Rondo? No, because Danny Ainge says he's always looking to improve the team.

Marshall was very cryptic when referencing the potential trade partner. I think that's bush league reporting. If you aren't confident enough in your source to mention the team, then leave out the references to the West coast.

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  • Marshall is already in midseason form when it comes to being the worst analyst the C’s have.

  • wtf for the money you cant get a better player. rondo’s a proven champion, has all the intangibles, and cost 10M less than cp3.
    how about checking into reality. dump kg and ray for 1st round picks, grab oj mayo on the cheap, and draft smart. boom there’s the foundation to build #18

  • Sounds like BS….There’s only 3 warm spots in the West, 2 are LA and the other is Phoenix.
    At this point there’s no reason to move Rondo, unless Doc and mgmt are absolutely sick of the guy, I dont see why he wouldnt be a big part of the next chapter in Celtic history.

  • I think you could say that the Texas teams are warm spots too. I wouldn’t be shocked if he winds up in Houston; especially with McHale there.

  • Though I like Houston (favorite team in the West) I can’t imagine what they could give to us to make up for Rondo.

  • Donny Marshall sucks. Always has. They really need to get rid of him. All he does is talk about dude’s “big shoulders” and other creepy comments about player’s bodies.
    I don’t see the value of having a Basketball analyst who sucked as a player.