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Reggie Evans snubs Celtics for Clippers

The league's dirtiest player is headed to the Clippers. He would have received the same veteran's minimum deal from the Celtics.

Why did Evans pick LA over Boston? He'll likely see more playing time in LA. Evans could be the first big off the bench to replace Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. In Boston, he'd have to compete with Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox on the bench.

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  • well duh… who the hell wants to go to boston? celtics will go another 20 year drought without a championship

  • You know dark days are coming when a bum like Evans wont come here.

  • Screw this guy-he’s this year’s Troy Murphy.

  • Playing BEHIND Bass and Wilcox probably wasn’t too appealing to him. Count me as grateful.

  • interesting enough, Troy Murphy is on the Lakers now. As is Gerald Green. Personally, I find this funny.

  • It is funny/ironic as hell. Seeing Green in that Lakers uni the other night was surreal..

  • I find it a bit troubling and sense a pattern may be developing. First we were snubbed by CP3, then D. West, which drew an incredulous response from RA. This doesn’t bode well if you’re fantasizing about Howard wearing a green uniform.
    The Clips need a banger and are small at the 4 after B. Giffin. In our case it’s blessing in disguise. Yes, at this stage their future is brighter than ours, but outside of toughness RE won’t be able to space the floor or create shots. Bass will help us in that department, but this unit still lacks the offensive efficiency that’s required to win a title.

  • Hopefully DA has his eyes on K-Mart and Wilson Chandler.

  • Don't know how we'd pull it off moneywise, but if we can snag one of those 2 or JR Smith come March when CBA season is over, that could be huge.

  • Personally I’m hoping JR Smith gets a 5 year extension with no opt-out to stay in China.